Who Will Win IPL 2022? Astrologers Predict

आईपीएल 2022

The IPL or Indian Premier League 2022 grand auction occurred on February 12 and 13 in Bengaluru. And according to reports, the pavilion tournament shall begin on March 26 and end on May 29. To enlighten you regarding the same, we have got you IPL 2022 astrology, where our astrologers have predicted how the teams will perform in IPL 2022.

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Venues For IPL 2022

All the IPL 2022 games will get played in the state of Maharashtra in four different venues—

Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai: 20 Matches

DY Patil Stadium, Mumbai: 20 Matches

Brabourne Stadium,Mumbai: 15 Matches

Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune: 15 Matches

IPL 2022: Match Format, Fixture, and Team Grouping

Indian Premier League 2022 would be a 10 teams cricket tournament with the debut of two new teams— Gujrat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants. Until last year, IPL was dependent on the round-robin format. As per this format, each team faced the other teams twice. However, in IPL 2022, there shall be a slight change in the format. And, with the addition of 2 new teams, there would be a restricted zone available.

The teams are divided into two groups:

  • GROUP A— Mumbai Indians (5 titles and 6 finals); Kolkata Knight Riders (2 titles and 3 finals); Delhi Capitals (0 titles and 1 final); Rajasthan Royals (1 title and 1 final); Lucknow Super Giants (0 titles and 0 finals)
  • GROUP B— Chennai Super Kings (4 titles and 9 finals); Punjab Kings (0 titles and 1 final); Royal Challengers Bangalore (0 titles and 3 finals); Sunrisers Hyderabad ( 1 title and 2 finals); Gujarat Titans (0 titles and 0 finals)

The teams are set depending on the number of IPLs they have won along with the finals they have been into. In GROUP A the league is headed by Rohit Sharma, Team Mumbai Indians. As for GROUP B, the league is headed by MS Dhoni, Team Chennai Super Kings.

All teams would play 14 matches each in IPL 2022, with 2 matches against every team of their group as well as the teams in the same row. However, they shall play 1 match each against the rest of the teams of the other group.

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Indian Premier League 2022: Qualification Format

Qualifications in the Indian Premier League of 2022 wouldn’t be anything like it happens in the T20 World Cup. Here, there won’t be two teams from each group that shall enter the semi-finals. Instead, there shall be only one points table that would be in the recommendation.

All the 10 teams would be on it, and the top 4 teams with the highest points tally will be in the playoff round of Indian Premier League 2022. Two teams who would end up being the top two will be in the finals. The eliminating candidates of both would battle for 3rd position in the eliminator round.

Image Source: India Today

IPL 2022 Astrology: Predictions For All Teams Of Season 15

Losing or winning any team in the IPL is an utterly hard task. However, our astrologers have got you a close insight into how the teams shall perform in Indian Premier League 2022.

Let us see in detail—

Chennai Super Kings

For Chennai Super Kings, the captain would be Ravindra Jadeja. Under the captaincy of Jadeja, CSK has been performing consistently great. In the previous seasons, the team has won 4 titles. If we see the astrological analysis of CSK in IPL 2022, the team has a high chance to perform well. Not only would they perform grand, but our astrologers say that there are grand possibilities that they shall end as one of the finalist teams.

Chennai Super Kings

The name sign of MS Dhoni is Libra. As for CSK’s name sign, it is Pisces. Planet Saturn is in the Sagittarius zodiac sign, making an axis of 4/10. It clearly indicates the bright chances of the team according to IPL 2022 astrology. Adding to it, Kundli of MS Dhoni is forming Nav Panchak Yoga, and it would act favorably for him as well as for his team.

In short words, as per our astrologers, CSK won’t just enter the finals but possess high possibilities of winning the trophy too.

Mumbai Indians

For the Team Mumbai Indians, the expected captain in Indian Premier League 2022 could be Rohit Sharma. The player has been kept hold of by his parent franchise. And, he shall hold his leadership for Mumbai Indians for upcoming seasons too. Under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, the team has won 5 IPL titles.

The star team is all set to pull the spectators. According to IPL 2022 astrology, the name sign of MI is Leo and that of Captain Rohit Sharma is Libra. This combination of Saturn in Sagittarius and Leo is forming the Navpancham Yoga. It is a highly auspicious yoga. Thus, as per the predictions of IPL 2022, MI shall perform average to good. And, according to our astrologers, chances are low that MI would face the finals.

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Kolkata Knight Riders

The captain of KKR in IPL 2022 is Shreyas Iyer. The bright player has performed exceptionally well when he has played for team India as well as other seasons of IPL. According to our astrologers, Kolkata Knight Riders come under the zodiac sign Gemini. As for Shreyas Iyer, his name sign is Virgo.

Kolkata Knight Riders

The combination of Virgo with the Gemini sign might make the team face some ups and downs. According to the predictions of IPL 2022, the captain would get the full support of the crowd as well as the team. However, possibilities are low that the team would make it to the finals of Indian Premier League 2022.

The team will be full of enthusiasm, and aggressive playing could be seen by all the players. But, conquering the chances of KKR in 2022 shall be below-average to good.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 

From performing average to good, the set team of Faf du Plessis has put their best foot forward in all seasons of IPL to date. This year too, RCB will chase its journey to the finals under the captainship of Faf du Plessis. As per the IPL 2022 astrology, RCB comes under the Libra zodiac sign. It makes them the master of capabilities and eye-seeking strategies. But, we have seen that they get dragged back almost close to the finish line.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

According to our astrologers, with the combination of Faf du Plessis Taurus sign and the team’s Libra sign, the team will do great in IPL 2022. As for chances to win the 2022 Indian Premier League, it looks somewhere out of hand. However, RCB will be the heartthrob of people all through season 15 of IPL, indicating the planetary motions.

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Delhi Capitals

For Delhi capitals, the expected captain would be Rishabh Pant. He replaced the young star player Shreyas Iyer. Rishabh Pant showed an outstanding performance in the previous seasons. No wonder Delhi Capitals bid a fair price to keep him in the team and put the team under his guidance. 

Delhi Capitals

Seeing to the astrology chart of Delhi Capitals, they fall under the Cancer zodiac sign. As for Rishabh Pant, he belongs to the Virgo zodiac sign. According to predictions of Indian Premier League 2022, the team has pretty fair chances to become one of the teams who could be in the finals or at least in the qualifiers.

Our astrologer’s estimate says that planet Jupiter in the chart of Delhi Capitals is forming a Nav Panchang Yoga. It will be favorable for the team. And, overall astrological calculations suggest that the team will be high on enthusiasm, vibrancies, and zeal. Fans won’t be disappointed with their performance and shall enjoy their pitch and long shots of sixes and fours. 

To summarize the predictions for Delhi Capitals in IPL 2022, astrologers say that landing up in finals could be possible for Delhi Capitals, but only if they maintain determination and undivided focus.

Rajasthan Royals

The expected captain of RR in the 2022 Indian Premier League would be Sanju Samson. He was appointed as the captain of Rajasthan Royal in IPL season 2021 when Steve Smith failed to provide the team with the right guidance to chase the trophy of IPL. In 2021, he didn’t have a successful journey to cherish. But the planetary motions suggest that this year Sanju Samson shall perform great.

Rajasthan Royals

According to the horoscope of Sanju Samson, his Rashi is Aquarius. As for the chart of the Rajasthan Royals, the team belongs to the Libra sign. Both the signs make a close association with planet Saturn. It is a not-so-favorable placement of planets. But, planet Jupiter is forming a 4/10 axis, as per the IPL astrology predictions 2022.

And, astrologers say that if we see the overall performance of the team Rajasthan Royals, it shall ace the league this year. Still, finals shall be far from reach.

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Punjab Kings

Time has not been in the favor of Punjab Kings. Despite all the strategies and efforts, the team has struggled in the previous seasons to make its way to even survive in the Indian Premier League. This year, the command of the team will be in Mayank Agarwal’s hands.

Punjab Kings

According to astrology, the zodiac sign of the team is Gemini. The sign of the team’s captain is Aquarius. The combination of Gemini with the Aquarius zodiac sign indicates that the team shall be average in performance. Also, the ruling planets of both the signs shall make a close connection with each other. It means that the showbiz of the team would be not-so-favorable.

In all, chances are less that Punjab Kings would make it to the finals or perform well.

SunRisers Hyderabad

The expected captain for SunRisers Hyderabad shall be Kane Williamson. Though the team has performed average in the previous seasons, the team has won the Indian Premier League once. As per the IPL astrology 2022, the sign of SRH is Aquarius, which is also the Rashi of its captain Kane Williamson. It indicates that the team is likely to perform average to good in Indian Premier League Season 15.

SunRisers Hyderabad

In the team’s chart, there is Shashastak Yoga. It is an inauspicious yoga and can give mixed results to the team. However, our astrologers say that the team can do well if given the right guidance by the team’s captain.

Overall calculations of astrologers say that the team doesn’t have much chance of winning the 2022 Indian Premier League. In fact, prospects are less that they would even make it to the qualifiers.

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Gujrat Titans

Gujrat Titans are making its debut in the IPL Season 15. The expected captain of the team shall be Hardik Pandya. However, Rashid Khan and Shubhnam Gill are in the draft too. Seeing the performance of these players in their respective roles, all are superbly capable of managing the team.

Gujrat Titans

From the astrological point of view, our astrologers suggest that the most favorable candidate for the team’s leadership will be Hardik Pandya. The player falls under the Cancer zodiac sign. It will make his and his team’s chances quite good in 2022 IPL. His health would also support him.

With the Venus Mahadasha in his chart, he shall provide the right amount of guidance to his team members. And, to sum up, the predictions regarding the team, Gujrat Titans shall do well in their debut year.

Lucknow Super Giants

Just like Gujrat Titans, Lucknow Super Giants is a new team too. And the prospects are high that KL Rahul would be its captain, as per reports. During his journey in Punjab Kings, KL Rahul performed exceptionally well. Even under his captaincy, the team did average to good. Seeing his solo performance, he scored maximum runs for his team many times.

Lucknow Super Giants

As per the IPL 2022 astrology, Lucknow Super Giants shall do great in their debut year. And to the same, the chart of KL Rahul will be a great aid. He falls under the Libra zodiac sign and possesses the Sasa Yoga in his Kundli. It will be helpful for his team. The same is accompanied by the Saturn Mahadasha in his chart. It will help him think straight and keep him away from stress and unhappiness.

As for the team, they will be full of enthusiasm and perform skillfully throughout the tournament. And, according to our astrologers, they have a 70-30 chances of being into the finals.

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