Mars Transit in Aquarius On April 7, Effects On Each Zodiac Sign

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Mars is known for being a fiery and masculine planet. Mars rules courage, confidence, and physical desire in a horoscope. This planet is associated with the military, soldiers, warriors, builders, engineers, and real estate businesses. Understand the significance of Mars Transit in Aquarius 2022 for your zodiac sign.

Natives who are well-known surgeons have Mars in a strong position in their horoscope. Mars is associated with bravery, integrity, positive self-expression, energy, endurance, capacity, and control. It is extremely important in our lives.

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Mars rules various aspects of life, including all things red, domestic life, the head and face, connectivity, imagination, relationship, career, and karma. Mars is the planet of fortitude. It energizes all of your violent energies, allowing you to face obstacles in your life with the spirit of a warrior. It is also known as Bhoom Anai Putra.

As a result, it represents the native’s land. A person with a strong Mars influence has stamina, determination, and is fortunate in terms of maximum capacity. However, when Mars is weak, the native becomes a coward and lacks determination.

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The Transit of Mars in Aquarius 2022: Date and Time

Mars will transit in the sign of Aquarius on April 7, 2022, at 14:24, and will remain there until May 17, 2022, when it will transit in the sign of Pisces.

The Mars Transit in Aquarius 2022 can cause frustration or anger, which can be directed at the house or family members. Mars is known to be Saturn’s adversary, but Mars is exalted in Capricorn. In the sign of Aquarius, it will be neutral. Mars’ actions and efforts would be restricted or limited in the sign of Saturn, so the native would need to exert maximum effort to achieve the desired result.

As Mars Transit in Aquarius 2022, it is the best time to gain energy, focus on goals, and make rapid efforts to expand. It is an excellent time to demonstrate independence, good leadership abilities, and freedom of expression. This is an excellent time to travel abroad for work and handle complex projects with ease.

The virtue gained during the period of Mars Transit in Aquarius 2022 would be an increased desire for variety and a keen interest in research. To stay connected and happy with your loved ones, however, more attention is required in the relationship.

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Mars Transit in Aquarius: Impacts On Each Sign


Mars is the lord of the first and eighth houses for Aries and is currently transiting in the 11th house of desire, income, and gains. This period will be beneficial for Aries natives because you will have a great time with your team or colleagues. This is the time to claim any outstanding promotions.

aries zodiac sign

Relationships with family members will begin to improve in personal life. Elder Brothers may be of assistance in times of need. This is not a good time for lovers, and there may be some misunderstandings in the relationship. During this time, friends will come in handy.

Marital problems may be alleviated, and there is a chance that some auspicious ceremonies will take place at home. In terms of health, you will generally feel happy and healthy, both physically and mentally, but it is still recommended that you exercise regularly to stay fit.

Remedy: Keeping Sindoor or honey in an earthen pot will produce good results.

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Mars is the lord of the Taurus moon sign’s 12th and seventh houses, and he is currently transiting the 10th house of career, name, and fame. This period will be beneficial to your career because you will have the opportunity to prove yourself. This will be your chance to shine by doing something you excel at.

Taurus zodiac sign

Because of your previous hard work, you will gain a name, fame, and respect at your workplace. Work should be going well, and you should be successful in all professional endeavors. In personal life, you must be more cautious with your relationships and avoid strained relationships, which requires you to be more polite and patient.

This is also not a good time in terms of your love life. Overexertion, fatigue, and body pain may be a cause for concern in terms of health. As a result, practice meditation and yoga to overcome health issues.

Remedy: Providing assistance to childless people will yield positive results.

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Mars is the lord of the sixth and eleventh houses for the Gemini moon sign, and he is currently transiting the ninth house of luck, religion, international travel, and father. This period will be beneficial to your income because it will increase, new sources of bonding will come your way, and you will find a solution to all of your financial problems.

Gemini zodiac sign

Career-wise, your opponents may try to smear your reputation; therefore, exercise caution. In your personal life, arguments or misunderstandings with your father are likely during this period, and your father may experience some health issues. You could also take a long-distance trip with Someone special in your life.

You may be concerned about your health if you have a fever, fatigue, or body pain. To avoid feelings of disappointment and depression, you should meditate and practice yoga on a regular basis.

Remedy: Pray to Lord Hanuman on a daily basis.

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In the Case of Cancer Mars rules the fifth and tenth houses and is currently transiting the eighth house of the occult, sudden loss/gain, inheritance, and longevity. During this time, you may encounter some difficulties in your professional life when dealing with your seniors or colleagues, as well as a lack of support from your colleagues and seniors at work. You may be unable to focus properly on your work, which may lead to mental frustration.

Cancer zodiac sign

Financially, this period may be a source of concern because you will not feel financially secure. During this time, it is best not to invest in stocks, speculation, or movable assets. There may be some minor injuries that require you to be cautious.

Sportsmen should exercise extreme caution and avoid engaging in any risky adventure due to overconfidence. Natives may experience problems with their blood, urinary system, or piles.

Remedy: Make offerings of rice, jaggery, and gram pulse at religious sites.

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Mars is the lord of the fourth and ninth houses for the Leo moon sign, and he is currently transiting the seventh house of marriage and partnership. Those in business or in partnerships will profit during this time, and those in the workforce will receive a promotion at their workplace. Therefore, you must maintain patience as you may develop a proclivity to pick fights with your coworkers.

leo zodiac sign

They may remain irritated and angry about something, causing a strain in your relationship. During the Mars transit in Aquarius 2022, you must maintain moral qualities and avoid people of questionable character. Keep a safe distance from women and men who lack respect in society. You want to spend this time with your friends.

Your health will continue to improve, and you will be free of all health-related issues. However, your spouse may experience some health issues during this time; therefore, take care of your spouse.

Remedy: On Tuesday, recite Om Am Angarakaya Namaha.

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Mars is the lord of the third and eighth houses for the Virgo moon sign, and he is currently transiting in the sixth house of debt, enemies, and disease. This transit will be beneficial because you will maintain your energy and enthusiasm in the face of adversity.

Virgo zodiac sign

During this transit, new ideas may come to you, and previous hard work and efforts will yield rewarding results. During this time, opponents may attempt to harm your reputation, but they will be unable to do so. You may be in good health, but you may contract a minor infection; thus, take precautions ahead of time.

Remedy: On the birth of a male child, distribute salt instead of sweets.

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Mars is the lord of the second and seventh houses for the Libra moon sign, and he is currently transiting in the fifth house of love, romance, and children. During this time, your profession may experience ups and downs, and some natives may consider changing jobs.

libra zodiac sign

You should be extra cautious at work because there is a chance that someone is plotting against you. In your personal life, you may encounter some difficulties in your love affair. When forming new relationships, exercise extreme caution because there is the possibility of cheating. Relationships with spouses will be normal in married life.

Children may not perform better than adults, and their health may cause you concern. You will be fine in terms of health, but your children may experience some physical issues; therefore, take proper medication for them.

Remedy: Every Tuesday, recite the Hanuman Chalisa.

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Mars is the lord of the sixth and first houses for the Scorpio moon sign, and he is currently transiting in the fourth house of luxury, comfort, and mother. You will be successful in completing large tasks during this time, and you will have complete support from friends and family.

Scorpio zodiac sign

During this time, you will feel an excess of aggression, which may harm your relationships with those around you, including family members, friends, and coworkers. Because of your aggressive behavior, your professional life may become difficult.

In personal life, natives who have children may experience difficulties in their relationship with them, and your relationship with them may deteriorate. Your spouse, on the other hand, will be completely supportive of you. You should keep an eye on your mother’s health, and those suffering from high blood pressure or heart disease require special attention.

Remedy: Worship Lord Mars on a daily or weekly basis.

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Mars is the lord of the fifth and 12th houses for the Sagittarius moon sign, and he is currently transiting the third house of courage, siblings, and short trips. Travel will be beneficial to you during this time, especially if it is related to your career.

Sagittarius zodiac sign

This period will be financially advantageous for you because you will receive good returns on your investment as well as profits. This is a good time to make an investment with the help of export, and the assistance of an influential person will be very beneficial to you.

In your personal life, your relationship with your spouse/partner will be stable during this time. There is also a chance that some auspicious ceremony will take place at home during this time. Everything will be fine in terms of health, and you will be in good physical shape during this time.

Remedy: Be gentle and avoid arrogance. Being generous to your younger brother will bring you good fortune.

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Mars is the lord of the fourth and eleventh houses for Capricorn and is currently transiting in the second house of family, wealth, and speech. You will have an average period during this transit because there may be some negative aspects in your family and you may have to deal with a lot of mental tension in your household.

Capricorn zodiac sign

You may also experience some bitterness and anger in your speech, which can be problematic. As a result, it is best to avoid such behavior. Avoid driving rashly for health reasons, as there is a risk of injury, particularly to your face. Body aches, fatigue, and insomnia can all add to your worries, so proceed with caution.

Remedy: Pay homage to your ancestors by planting a Neem tree in the temple.

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Mars is the lord of the third and tenth houses for the Aquarius moon sign, and he is currently transiting in the first house, which represents the self, personality, and character. During this transit, you may notice a shift in your behavior, and you may experience irritability and stubbornness.

Aquarius zodiac sign

In terms of your career, you will do well at work and complete all of your tasks on time. It is best not to make any hasty decisions and to avoid starting any new ventures during this transit. In your personal life, your relationships with your close ones and social circle will be fine as long as you control your temper and remain calm.

Take special precautions against infectious diseases that may be difficult to detect during this time. Minor accidents are also possible; therefore, take the necessary precautions.

Remedy: Never accept or give things away for free.

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Mars is the lord of the second and ninth houses for Pisces, and he is currently transiting the 12th house of foreign settlement, expenditure, and salvation. During this transit, you may feel uneasy because your efforts may fail, and you may be dissatisfied. Opponents and competitors will try to put you under pressure and damage your reputation.

Pisces zodiac sign

The situation may irritate you and cause you to feel jealous of others. Your attitude and speech may be hot and aggressive during this time. Financially, this period may bring you a lot of expenses, as well as problems if you’re trying to get by.

Mars Transit in Aquarius On April 7, Effects On Each Zodiac Sign

Remedy: Honey should be consumed first thing in the morning.

Note: Make sure you follow the remedies under the guidance of an astrologer.

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