Rahu in 4th house: Meaning, Impact, and Remedies

rahu in 4th house

Known as the dragon’s head, Rahu is not a physical planet if seen astronomically. However, it stands as a vital part of Vedic astrology. So, if Rahu is in 4th house of your birth chart, you may bear severe negative or immense positive consequences. Mostly Rahu is the fourth house shows negative results, and you may bear consequences like mental stress, greediness, and laziness in personality. However, the ditto placement can make you a great politician or business person.

A little tip! You can speak to our astrologers for a better understanding of the effects of Rahu in 4th house. But if you already know that your Rahu is in fourth house, then read what the placement has for you.

Rahu is highly known for its rakish tendency of showing sudden changes in a person’s life. Thus, you can be suddenly wealthy as heck or poor as hell in a short time. Besides that, Rahu in 4th house is considered very bad from astrology’s point of view. The moon rules the fourth house, which is actually a massive rival planet of Rahu. Rahu here mostly makes you suffer through bad than good. Distractions and disturbed mental state, emotional ups and downs, and prime issues would be ongoing.

However, this is not all. As with all of this, the shadow planet gets analyzed much deeply during Kundali reading. In other words, many other aspects are also considered prior to tell you its ill or positive effects on your horoscope. Like:

  • Conjunctions it forms: Rahu changes its behavior according to the co-planet it is with. If the Rahu in 4th house is in conjunction with Mercury in your horoscope, you shall possess positive results even from this shadow planet.
  • Nakshatras it rules: The Nakshatras Rahu rules are Shatavisha, Ardra, and Swati. So, if you have Rahu situated in any of these nakshatras, then Rahu in fourth house shall give you all weak results.

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Positive effects of Rahu in 4th house

Known for its malefic traits, Rahu mostly has many downsides than positive effects. However, depending on the position of Rahu in your birth chart, you may have some favorable upshots too. Rahu in fourth house shall highly influence your financial conditions. Besides stabilizing your relations with your spouse, Rahu in 4th house will also impact your bonds with your mother.

You might feel powerful, attain fame and recognition, and have great control over your business. Moreover, you shall obtain king-like wealth in some years of your life. From wisdom to personal stability, Rahu in fourth house will provide you with benefits you may not be able to think of.

Also, the natives can expect the involvement of their mother in establishing a stabilized life. Speaking of personal life, folks can have a blissful married life with immense loyalty in it. They shall seek love support from their spouse and have a long-lasting relationship. Moreover, modern comforts like houses, cars, and others would be there too. Folks with Rahu in 4th house would seek full support from their family and partner in times of need and adversity.

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Negative effects of Rahu in 4th house

Rahu in fourth house is highly malefic according to astrology. So, if you have your Rahu here, be ready to bear some sinful consequences. You might become greedy and have a strong urge for high status by unfair means. Not only may you lack empathy, but also emotional connections with people around you. Also, you would be over-possessive and hyper being in nature. Moreover, you shall lose your tendency to judge people correctly and duly.

With Rahu in 4th house would make the native face massive loss in the business and major ups and downs in their professional life. They must keep an eye on their connection with their spouse and mother as these areas could be the target of this shadow planet. Anger issues and greedy behavior would be all over there. Folks would believe in injustice and perpetuate inequality.

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Rahu in fourth house remedies

So, if you are someone with malefic Rahu in fourth house, you may look to these following remedies and solve your crisis of an afflicted Rahu in 4th house:

  • If you could, you must renovate your old house and keep an eye on the adequate development of the roof and toilet.
  • You may also own a silver piece with you, either in the form of a ring or a bracelet. You may also keep some silver with yourself in your pocket or purse.
  • Lastly, you may also put barley in water. But remember to wash barley with milk prior to flowing it in water.

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