How Venus Affects Your Life- Remedies for Planet Venus

How Venus Affects Your Life- Remedies for Planet Venus

Venus is the second planet to the Sun and is the sixth-largest planet. Planet Venus or Shukra Dev is the brightest planet in the sky after Sun Moon. Thus, it is also called the evening star of the night sky. Along with the galaxy, it plays a significant role in our lives. In Astrology, planet Venus governs over two zodiac signs, Taurus and Libra. This planet is considered symbols of beauty, honor, respect, happiness, and splendor, marital happiness, romance, sex, and enjoyment of luxury. Apart from this, it plays a great role in signifying your love life. Read ahead to learn the significance of Venus in marriage life and remedies for Planet Venus.

Astrological belief

According to Vedic Astrology, planet Venus is the factor of all our wealth, material pleasures, and marriage related circumstances. If a person has a strong Venus in horoscope then they will get quick success right after a little struggle and work and get blessed with a comfortable life. It is considered to be the planet of love and its position in your horoscope determines your relationship with your spouse, bliss or sadness, and circumstances of marital life.

Political relations

The political knowledge of Venus is mentioned in the mythologies. Shukraniti is believed to be the author of a specific text, although many fractions of it are written in the 15th century. This planet plays a major role in marriage.

This planet is an indicator of adolescence, fun, wandering are the major significance of Venus.

A person with strong Venus has a romantic personality. They are an admirer of beauty and art, a native with an auspicious Venus in the horoscope are blessed with art, beauty, splendor, good voice, and a romantic persona. They enjoy a blissful love and marriage life.

Negative Effect of Venus

When in a strong position, Venus bestows luxury, love, and lure. However, still it has a fair share of inauspicious effects.

If Venus is malefic or inauspicious in the horoscope, then in the Mahadasha of Venus, the native could not get pleasure & joy in marital life. They have to spend a lot for small needs. Also, they go through many failed relationships. Especially for women, it causes many kinds of suffering and pain. Along with this, the natives also go through a lack of money all their lives.

Due to the inauspicious effects of Venus in the horoscope, the native suffers a lack of concentration and interest in food. They also suffer a distaste in wealth and pleasure. Such natives are prone to thumb related disease, insomnia, and nightmares.

Remedies for Planet Venus

Plant Tulsi at home

It is said that by planting a Tulsi plant in the house, destroys the negative energy. This plant brings happiness and peace to the house. According to astrology, if an earthen lamp is lit under the plant every day, then it pleases planet Venus.

Remedies of silver and platinum

Wearing a silver or platinum ring pleases Venus. It keeps away negative energy. Also, wearing a silver ring in the thumb is good to avoid skin problems. It proves to be very beneficial if you sacrifice salt once a week, especially on Friday.

Goolar or Ficus Racemosa is also helpful

Ficus Racemosa is very useful in diagnosing problems related to the spermatism of the body. The plan is related to planet Venus. It is an enhancer and an antidote. You may also use Goolar to cure muscle aches, oral health, boils. It is useful for wound healing, etc.

An Urn of Water

To strengthen Venus, take water in an urn and put two big cardamoms in it and boil the water until it gets half. Further, mix this water in your bathing water and take a bath. It is one of the most powerful remedies for planet Venus. Do this every Friday.

Shukra or Venus Yantra

Shukra Yantra or Venus Yantra is beneficial for eradicating all the troubles from married life. Also, it strengthens Venus and attracts auspicious energy.

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Worship of Hanuman

Worshipping Lord Hamnuna and Goddess Lakshmi can bring auspicious results to strengthen planet Venus..

Worship Cows

A cow is a form of the goddess in the Hindu religion. To strengthen planet Venus, you may worship cows. It is also because the cow also represents the planet Venus. Also, mythologies suggest that worshiping even frees you from the burden of wearing any kind of gems, mantra, and other remedies for the planet Venus.

Opal Gemstone

Wearing opal gem following the advice of expert astrologers adds beauty in life and success in love affairs. Opal also serves to bring stability in the mind. People working in the areas associated with the planet Venus may get auspicious results by wearing opal gemstone. However, wearing a gem without authentic astrological advice derives more loss than the profits.

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