Why shopping & travelling is necessary, Astrologer explains

Venus planet in astrology

All of us want to travel and see the world, right? But responsibilities often get the best of us. But what if we tell you that travelling more is the best way to manage your responsibilities and grow in life?

In a brand new episode of the Astrotalk show, we have one of the most popular astrologers on Astrotalk, astrologer Bhartee, in conversation with one of her fans, Chetan. In this episode, Chetan and Bhartee talk about relationship, career, finance, and how travellling-more is directly proportional to bettering all these aspects of life.

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Talking about how traveling is related to growth, astrologer Bhartee explains the connection between planet Venus and travelling.

In astrology, the planet Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra zodiac signs. Venus is considered to be a planet of prosperity and happiness and helps the native excel in romance, have materialistic gains, and all the luxuries of life.

Meaning, if you have a strong or exalted Venus in your Kundli, you are destined to have an attractive personality along with beneficial times in terms of wealth and prosperity. On the other hand, if the planet Venus is weak in your chart or Kundli, then it brings hindrances related to love, career growth, and prosperity of the native.

While there are many remedies to boost the positive nature of Venus in a native’s chart, but astrologer Bhartee suggests travelling and shopping as the most productive ones.

As Venus in astrology is the ruler of luxuries in life, indulging in leisure, hence, boosts the positive nature of Venus in the native’s kundli, thus allowing him/her growth and prosperity.

Do you too seek such fun remedies to your problems? Well, you too can connect with your favourite astrologer in one-on-one session; by simply commenting who is your favourite astrologer in the comment section of the video.

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