Remedies on Holi for Each Zodiac Sign to End the Misfortune

Remedies on Holi for Each Zodiac Sign to End the Misfortune

Holi is the only secular festival. It reunites people above their religion, beliefs, and differences. Significantly, the festival of color reflects unity. According to Hindu beliefs, Holika Dahan and Holi are two extremely prosperous occasions to get rid of any kind of nuisance. Alongside religious beliefs, it is a perfect occasion to get rid of life problems and ward off the evils as well. Perform the following remedies on Holi to end the misery and misfortune.

Astrological Remedies on Holi

Below are the best Astrological Remedies on Holi for people born under any Zodiac sign-

Ashes of Holika Dahan

As a matter of fact, the ashes and dust after Holika Dahan are extremely prosperous. Therefore, you may keep the ashes at your workplace. It promises to preserve fortune for the entire year. Additionally, it brings good luck and takes business to new heights.

Beating Dhol on Holika Dahan

Dhol, drum, and other musical instruments used for celebration hold significant importance in Hindu Puja. At the occasion of Holika Dahan, you may participate in beating Dhol. It is a positive activity that attracts good luck. Also, it eradicated miseries.

Remedies on Holi for Debts

To get rid of debts, bring home the idol of Goddess Lakshmi on Holi. In addition to this, take eleven Gomti Chakra in your hand and perform circumambulation around the Holika for eleven times. Also, if you have a person from whom you are expecting money, write their name on a white paper with Red Sandalwood. Further, dig a hole and along with the eleven Gomti chakras, press all the contents into the hole. You’ll surely receive your money.

Remedies on Holi to Please Rahu

  • Rahu, the shadow planet plays a great role in our career aspect. For Rahu Shanti on Holi, take one coconut and fill it with flaxseed oil. Further, put a little bit of Jaggery in it. Next, touch the person with the coconut shell. Lastly, offer or throw the coconut in the Holika. It promises to avert the malefic effect of Rahu for the entire year.
  • Soak an apple in the flaxseed oil and apply it to the person who is suffering from Rahu’s malefic effect. In addition to this, take cloves (equal to the age of that person). Further, on the day of Holika Dahan, chant the name of planet Rahu and throw the cloves in Holika fire. It offers salvation.

Remedies on Holi for Enemies

Bring the fire from the Holika Dahan and make ink from its coal. Further, write the case number and the name of your enemy party on the seven different papers. Next, go to the Holika fire again and perform seven rounds. In each round of Holika, throw one paper. You can do the same for any other issues resulting in your enmity. It is one of the best remedies of Holi to get rid of enemies.

Remedies for Health on Holi

To get rid of bad health or to attain good health, make Roti by mixing black sesame and mustard oil in barley flour. Take the Rotis in your hand and take 7 rounds of the Rotis around the face of the person who is sick. Pray for the well being of the person. Further, feed those Rotis to a buffalo. It ensures good health soon.

In addition to this, you may chant the following Mantra with a Tulsi Mala

मंत्र- ऊं नमो भगवते रुद्राय मृतार्क मध्ये संस्थिताय मम शरीरं अमृतं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा

Remedies for Theft

On the night of Holi, take a dry coconut and copper coin. Next, revolve them 7 times in corners and later, cast them in Holika. It wards off all the theft threats at your home and workplace.

Remedies on Holi to Ward off Negative Energies

During the period of Holashtak, many people perform black magic. If you are sensing any negative energies trying to trouble you, on the day of Holika Dahan, bring some fire from Holika to your home. Further, place the fire in a copper Diya or (earthen lamp). It will ward off all the negative energies from your home.

Protection from Evil Eye

Holi is a time when many people perform black magic, dark spell and Tantrik puja for their envious accomplishments. On Holi, get a Shakur Dant after purifying it with Mantras. Further, wear it when you step outside. It will protect you from Nazar dosha or evil eye and Tantrik acts. In addition, you can chant “ॐ ह्रीं क्लीं श्रीं वाराह-दन्ताय भैरवाय नमः” to prevent from Evil Eye.

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Remedies on Holi for Marriage

Festivals like Holi are a day to celebrate love among one and all. To attain a happy married life, prepare 108 cotton Battis and dip them in Ghee. Further, cast the battis in the Holika Dahan on the occasion. It blesses the couples with happy and joyous companionship for life.

Remedies for Fulfillment of Wishes

Everyone wishes for their dreams to come true. Starting from the day of Holi, chant Bajrang Baan for consecutive 40 days. It promises the fulfillment of all desires. In addition, offer Daan to poor and needy on Holi. In the night, light earthen lamps with mustard oil and pray for fortune and bliss. It eradicates all the obstacles.

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