Shanidev Is Your Friend And Not A Foe

Shani Dosha शनि साढ़ेसाती और ढैय्या

Shani or Shani Maharaj is one of the most dreaded planets in Vedic astrology. The different Dashas’ like Shani DashaShani Dhaiya or Shani Shade Sati are linked with Shani or Saturn. And as people fear the planet so much, some astrologers use his name only to sposhanok fear in the minds of common people. They prescribe all ridiculous remedies with the promise that such remedies will downgrade Shani’s harmful effects on one. However, all of it is just a bluff.

Lord Shani

For anyone who doesn’t know, God Shani is simply the lame son of Sun and Chhaya. He is the most powerful malefic planet as per Vedic Astrology. Shanidev is also popularly called “Graharaj,” meaning the King of all planets. He is described as a complicated old person, a eunuch with dreadful eyesight, tall physic with long nails and teeth. It is a belief that Shani was a carving by the almighty to punish all mortals for their sins. He is also the slowest moving planet amongst all planets in the solar system. Thus, he is the cause of all delays and obstacles in one’s life. He camps in each sign for 2.5 years or more during his transit. 

Though Shani is seemingly a very cruel planet with a penchant for punishing the mortals, but he is not a demon. He inflicts all kinds of pain, causes delays, erects obstacles and depression. However, the foremost important thing to note is that he never kills anybody. Interestingly, he is a great saint and the King of the spiritual world. Without his help/blessings, no saint in this world has ever attained spiritual enlightenment.

The spiritual-success of our ancient and modern Gurus, Rishis and Saints is due to planet Shani. For example, Lord Ramakrishna, the eighteenth-century greatest-ever saint from Bengal, had both his sun sign and moon sign governed and owned by Lord Saturn or Shani Dev, that is Kumbha Rashi (Aquarius). Shani denotes spiritualism, delays, obstacles, crows, pain, misery and sorrow, patience, hard work, black colour, all metals and mining work, oil excavation below the soil, old and elder people, bones, nerves and lower portion of the body.

Lord Shani’s Enemy & Friend Planets

Shani is the greatest Maraka (obstructive) planet for a Cancer ascendant/sign. He gives maximum pain to people belonging to this ascendant during Shani’s Sade Sati, Dhaiya or Shani Dasha. One reason for Shanidev to give the maximum pain to the Cancer sign/ascendant people is because the Cancer sign is a water sign. The Moon rules Cancer and Moon is the greatest enemy of Saturn. Also, Shanidev inflicts maximum trouble in the lives of other Water Signs too – Scorpio and Pisces. The level of pain he inflicts depends on the position of Jupiter (another benefic giant in the solar system) in his or her birth chart.

In a nutshell, planets; Moon, Mars and Sun are the enemies of Lord Saturn and Venus followed by Mercury, his best friends.

For other signs, Shanidev inflicts lesser damage but the impact of damages or punishment done varies from person to person depending upon their karma. Shani Dev is a karmic planet and his impact on you depends upon your karma. If your karma is good, selfless and sincere you would not be harmed by Shani. A life free from lust, desires, jealousy, greed, attachment, revenge, etc, will help subdue the effect of Shani doesn’t matter what bhava he occupies in our chart or what ascendant you belong to.

Shani Dev & South India

Interestingly, South Indian Astrologers believe that Shani Dev is an auspicious planet. For them, he is a hard taskmaster and the strictest disciplinarian. Through his harsh punishment, all the sins in our past and present lives are cleansed. This makes one a perfect human during his Dasha or during Sade Sati (seven and half years deadly phase in our lives) or during Dhaiya.

So if you analyse, Shanidev is just like a surgeon who operates upon our painful tumour of sins. And just like surgery is painful, similarly, punishments are too but only for a temporary period. Post the treatment, you enjoy the goods.

Also, no other planet mentioned in Vedic astrology can reward us for our good doings as Shanidev can do after we graduate from his college of self-realisation and righteous path. For example, immediately after Shani Dasha ends, our Sade Sati ends or in most cases even the Dhaiya.

Lord shani

Shanidev is the last approving authority for any good or bad event in our lives. Shani rewards us through Jupiter and thus, unfortunately, all credit for our expansion, growth goes to planet Jupiter. And fewer people feel or know that the ultimate source of happiness in our life is Shanidev and not Jupiter. If planet Jupiter seeks to reward one with anything good in life, he has to take approval from Shani Dev. Thus Shanidev is called Graharaj.

As mentioned earlier, Shanidev never kills but if someone is incorrigible and beyond corrections for his/her sins, then he inflicts capital punishment through Rahu or Ketu. Rahu is Shanidev’s right hand while Ketu is left. Shani dev causes harm to the person using an unknown cause or fire/water/road electric or any other accident. He is impartial to all and the best judge. He only takes note of our karma.

How to Please Shani Dev?

Lord Shiva is the God of Shanidev and Hanumanji is the revered God by him. So during his bad phase, we must chant daily Lord Shiva Mantra “Om Shivai Namaah” and also Hanuman Chalisa to increase our mental strength and reduce Shanidev’s afflictions.

Also, men must wear an iron ring on the middle finger in the right hand and women on the left to calm Shani Dasha, Dhaiya of Sade Sati. Consuming only vegetarian food on all Saturdays and Tuesdays can be a good remedy to reduce the afflictions from Shanidev during his bad phase and harness his positive energy.

At last, all I would like to add is that Lord Shanidev is your best friend and not a foe. Please don’t fall into the trap of fake cheat astrologers during your bad phase and waste your hard-earned money.

A generous contribution by Partha Pratim Mitra, who is an Astrologer associated with AstroTalk.


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