Spiritual Growth|7 Tips To Become More Spiritual

Spritiual growth

Our life cycle starts with our birth and ends when we die. Between this time we see growth in our body, personality, activities, etc. But have you ever noticed growth within your inner self? Have you ever tried to connect with your spiritual soul? What is the meaning of spirituality and what happens when a person experiences spiritual growth?

Spiritual growth is a process when to start avoiding the materialistic things and concentrate more on your inner soul. This process unfolds your inner reality which generally hides behind the ego-personality. It awakens your inner soul, raises your conscious and makes you realize about the Universal truths. Your spiritual world starts when you go beyond your mind and personality and realize what you are actually meant for.

It’s a very common misconception of today’s world that you have to be religious in order to become spiritual. However, if you look at reality spirituality has a completely different meaning. Spirituality is deeply personal which means self-help and it has nothing to do with religion.

Reading a few verses of the Quran, Gita or Bible will not make you a spiritual person. However, if you have a belief in your inner self and you want to know the reality of life, you will surely become a spiritual person.

So, in this context lets discuss some of the tips by which you can grow spiritually and connect more with your eternal soul.


Undoubtedly, meditation is one of the best ways to connect with your eternal soul. It relaxes your soul and refreshes your mind and you will much be devoted towards God. It not only brings positivity in your life but also helps but also gives a clear vision of your future.

Meditate for at least 15 minutes every day and you will definitely see growth within yourself. Spend some time with your self and allow your soul to receive the divine messages of God and enjoy your actual reality. It is a time of cleansing and healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Learn To Forgive

Forgiveness is a very important element of Spiritual growth. If you have learned the art of forgiveness, you will succeed in every sphere of life. It releases a burden from your body and helps you to know yourself better. Go against your ego and you will realize the world is much beautiful than your so-called Ego.

Shanmugam says “to assist the process of letting go write a list of forgiveness and include all the people who you believe have wronged you, and then just decide to forgive them. You have the power to do it!“.

Listen To Your Dreams

Paying attention to your innermost desires is one of the best ways to get in touch with your inner soul. Here, dreams don’t mean the thoughts you experience while sleeping through your subconscious mind. A dream is a bigger word which includes feelings, intuitions that you receive from your eternal soul.

Decide what you want to do and then execute without diverting your attention here and there. Focus on your dreams rather than comparing your self with others. Make a big plan and start it with smaller steps and soon you will achieve everything you have desired of. It’s a simple Mantra of life that you need to understand in order to grow your inner self.

Accept Failure

It is one of the most common problems among humans that stops us from achieving success and in turn we feel disconnected with our own self. Its human nature that we are not at all ready to accept failure which is totally a wrong concept. Always remember failure is the first step towards the path of success.

Embrace failures and learn from them rather than criticizing yourself for it. When things don’t go in your way as planned, take time to learn what went wrong and how things can get corrected again. Spending time with yourself and you will see a spiritual growth full of life and happiness.

ways to become sipritiual

Do what makes you Happy

In today’s busy world you don’t get too much time to do what you actually want. It can also include your hobbies and likes which you have generally forgotten. Try to enjoy the things which that give you relief and release your mind from stress for some time.

Enjoyment doesn’t mean that you go for a holiday or a vacation or bring a costly car at home. Focus on the small things that help you to connect with your spiritual side. It can include having a happy meal with your family, gardening the plants on a sunny day, go out for a swim and such other things that reflect your real happiness.


Laughter is the best medicine” truly said, it carries an energy of joy, silliness, playfulness, happiness, and fun. Laughing is one of the best ways to incline yourself into the world of spirituality. It quickly diverts your attention and you will feel everything around you in a happy mood no matter what actually you are dealing with.

So, if you want spiritual growth within yourself try to laugh more eevn if the situation is worse, just try to be happy. You can go for a laughing exercise or a simple yoga session. It helps you relieve pressure and go with the beautiful flow of life.

Experience New Things

Don’t limit yourself to anything, always keep exploring and learning about something new. If you have made a limit in your mind, you will never achieve somethings nor you will be able to cross that line. You will feel more concise, locked and somehow frustrated from inside. Stopping yourself from something means you are creating hurdles for your ownself.

Be open-minded and let yourself open to new experiences of life. Try to learn more about the things and if you have decided something just for it. Remember you are the king of your own Kingdom and no one can stop you. All these things will surely help you to grow spiritually and connect more with your inner self.

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