Sun Transit In Libra 2020- Effect On Each Zodiac Sign

Sun Transit In Libra 2020- Effect On Each Zodiac Sign

In Astrology, Sun is the king of all the planets. It is the mightiest of all the 9 planets. Along with its great position in the solar system, it plays a significant part in shaping the lives of people of earth. Thus, when it transits from one sign to another after 30 days, it imparts considerable changes in our lives. On 17th October at 6:50 am Sun Transit in Libra 2020 will take place. Thus, behold all because meaningful modifications are coming your way

Sun is the significator of the soul. It represents confidence, ego, pride, designation, authority, courage, father, elders, and father figures. Sun also governs will power, respect, self-awareness, leadership, government sector, and self-expression. Its transition from one zodiac sign to another can draw ebb and flow of power, designation, and emotions.

The kind of effect Sun transit would bring depends completely on two factors. First, the sign it will transit into and the house it will enter in your horoscope. This time, Sun Transit will take place in its debilitated state. Thus, a hurricane & flood of ups and downs can be expected by one and all.

Dive in to know how the transit will affect you-

Sun Transit in Libra 2020- Effect on Aries

  • For Aries, Sun will enter your 7th House. It is the dominion of partnership. This house is also known as Yuvati Bhava. It rules over all kinds of partnerships whether personal or professional. It is the house of partner or spouse. Any kind of comradery falls under the rule of this house.
  • The mighty Sun signifies pride. Thus, the transit would surely bring a hight tide of ego in you during the period. There can be temperamental disagreement leading to several highs and lows.
  • In your personal life, there may be some dispute. Thus, to avoid them you would need to establish better communication with your partner.
  • Planets in the 7th house help you succeed in your business and profession. However, the transit might bring you a tough time with your partner. Therefore, it would be best if you prepare yourself for all the good as well as all the bad.
  • In terms of health, it could be a vulnerable time period for you. As there’s a pandemic going on, it can make you anxious for a while. Though you have a vicious soul so stress can hold onto you for a long time.
  • Ruby gemstone is an effective remedy for Sun. Thus, after consulting an expert astrologer, you may wear the stone for auspicious results.

Sun Transit in Libra 2020- Effect on Taurus

  • Sun transit in Libra will take place in your 6th House. It is the house of health, wellness, daily routine, and choices. It is also called Ari Bhava. Here, Ari means the enemy. Therefore, this house rules over the enemies, obstacles, difficulties, and debts.
  • First of all, in terms of your health Sun transit will bestow you some great results. It will help you recover from illness if you are suffering from any. However, during this period you are prone to injuries due to accidents, thus, give proper attention to the road.
  • Herein, the transit would proffer you auspicious results. Especially, in the professional front of your life, you will feel a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. You will experience the high spirits and morale to perform better than usual at your workplace.
  • You would complete tasks with efficiency. Consequently, the transit would help you defeat your enemies and rise higher. For natives of Taurus sign who are seeking jobs would gain benefit from this transit. They would acquire good positions in reputed firms.
  • All in all, for you a heap of opportunities is coming to your way. Along with this, you are most likely to get a promotion or a hike in your payment. Some exercise at your professional front would also enhance your skills and wisdom which gradually will serve you well.

Sun Transit in Libra 2020- Effect on Gemini

  • The twin sign Gemini will hail the mighty Sun in their 5th House. It is the house of playfulness, joy, romance, pleasure, sex, and love. This house is also called Putra Bhava. Additionally, this dominion governs children, creativity, intelligence, and intellectual capabilities.
  • You are a sign of both determination and indecision, for you, Sun transit in Libra might not bring many happy scenes. You might have to go through a lack of accomplishment which may lead to frustration. This frustration can lead to some serious impact. However, gradually things will fall into a better position. The best you can do for it is to keep patience and look for solutions.
  • At this time period, do not make any investments as it would only bring loss and not profit.
  • Your sign corresponds with the energy of the 3rd House. It is the dominion of mental inclination, communication, intelligence, interests, habits, journeys, and neighbors.
  • In your personal life, you may experience squabbles with your family member. Especially, if you have any younger siblings, try not to exaggerate the issue with them. It would only guide you to a dark place and isolation which clearly don’t desire. Instead of fighting or arguing you may sit with them and discuss the matter.
  • Sun signifies pride, thus, with the transit, it brings up and down of egos. As it is resulting inauspiciously, you would have to keep control over your tone. A rise in your ego may drive a rise in your voice which can affect communication with your family and partner. Here, to keep things at peace, practice effective communication. First, listen, interpret, and then react.

Sun Transit in Libra 2020- Effect on Cancer

  • For Cancerians, Sun transit will take place in their 4th House. It is the dominion of land, roots, real estate, property, vehicles, possessions, and mother. This house is also called Bandhu Bhava.
  • Sun governs your 2nd House as well which the abode of wealth, income. For you, Sun would be debilitated in your 4th House. Thus, it would be in a very weak position. As a result, this transit may not bring you many auspicious results.
  • You may experience difficulties in your workplace. Thus, give your highest importance to the tasks you are appointed at your job. Gradually, it would serve you well to make things better.
  • Significantly, 4th House refers to Mother. Thus, you must give a little extra attention to the health of your mother. Her health may remain a little fragile during this period. It may instigate anxiety in your behavior. However, your patience is what can help you.
  • This house also rules over properties. Thus, you may have to face delays in the same matter.
  • In terms of your health, you must take care of yourself too. You are prone to injuries at this time. Especially, the 2nd house signifies eyes. Thus, problems related to eyes might come your way. To avoid difficulties, take proper sleep, and practice yoga.

Sun Transit in Libra 2020- Effect on Leo

  • Leo, you will host the supremacy of Sun transit in your 3rd House. It is the house of mental disposition, capacity to learn, neighbors, siblings, interest, communication, intelligence, and habits.
  • Sun is your sign lord, thus, in whichever sign it might transit, it will bring the maximum impact on you. During this period, you will be at your best. You will be ambitious, energetic, and enthusiastic.
  • In terms of your personal life, you will be as loved and generous as you always are. There will be an environment of peace and comfort around you. Your partner would be supportive and caring. It would be the best time of the year for you to dive into the ocean of love with them.
  • In your professional life, you will explore a lot of new opportunities. You will try to grow yourself in many sections of life. You would look for a big change in your career which efficiently would be a foundation of your professional success.
  • At your current job, you would do more than the usual. It will impress your colleagues and senior. As you are a born leader, people respect you for that. During this period, people will help you and you will help them with their tasks. All in all, the management will be happy with you and would appreciate your efforts.
  • Along with all these good things, you might cross a lot of good opportunities that you can miss. Thus, the best would be to take a close look at the chance before neglecting it.
  • In terms of your health, it is a beneficial time for you. However, there can be some problems that would require you to take care of hygiene.

Sun Transit in Libra 2020- Effect on Virgo

  • For Virgo, Sun transit will occur in your 2nd House. It is the house of wealth, income, possessions, car, furniture, and investments. Thus, this house is also called Dhana Bhava.
  • There are not many auspicious results coming for you during this transit. In your professional life, it perhaps is not the best time for you. The transit may bring you some unnecessary expenditure. It will not be a constructive period for you. Along with this, there can be some unwanted quarrels at your workplace.
  • It would be smart of you to ignore the clashes. Otherwise, it will hinder your peace and will trouble your productivity which is the last thing you want. Try to maintain a more calm and collective attitude. It will save you a lot of time and energy.
  • If you are a student, this period might hinder your concentration.
  • About your health, the 2nd House rules over eyes, teeth, nose, and facial bones, etc. Thus, take better care of these body parts. It would help you avoid long term illness.
  • In your personal life, you might encounter a few uneasy situations causing loss of money. It may induce stress too. As the 2nd house signifies speech, you will need to choose your words properly.

Sun Transit in Libra 2020- Effect on Libra

  • The eternal energy of Sun transit will take place in your 1st House or ascendant house. It is the house of self. This house is also called Lagna Bhava. It rules over your physical personality, outer self, ego, pride, temperament, health, childhood, and self-expression. Also, it governs your choices, sense of recognition to your strength and weakness.
  • Herein, the mighty Sun will surely not give any great result. As Sun represents pride, in the 1st Hous it only boosts it and makes a person aggressive & moody about their ego.
  • Your time during the transit will include several ups and downs. You will not enjoy the time and will feel underconfident. Especially, at your workplace, you would feel inferior to instigate anything. Therefore, there can be some negative consequences.
  • The best thing you can do about it is to lift yourself up and maintain your calm. You are commonly loved by people. Thus, a little effort will surely help you get better.
  • In your personal life, this is the best time for you to connect with your friends. You know they are the people who understand you and would help you maintain your calm. The more you connect with them, the better.
  • At your health, Sun rules over the dry things. The best remedy would be to stay hydrated and maintain peace.

Sun Transit in Libra 2020- Effect on Scorpio

  • For the natives of Scorpio, the Sun will enter your 12th House. This house represents the end. It signifies the ending of the cycle and the physical journey and the beginning of the spiritual journey. This is the house of self-undoing, unconsciousness, and imprisonment.
  • In your professional life, there can be some obstacles in your way. These might suggest a dead end however, you will pull yourself out of it. The expert astrologers suggest you to not hesitate in your endeavors like always.
  • You may seek appreciation during this period. However, this would not be helpful for you to make better choices. Also, it might affect your productivity. Thus, the best would be to focus truly on your work and nothing else. Eventually, all the management, juniors, seniors will respect your efforts.
  • Among all this, you can expect a benefit from a foreign land.
  • In your personal life, the difference of opinion may instigate clashes. You can avoid it by drawing the line of decorum.
  • At your health front, the Sun might bring you issues related to face. You may experience headaches.

Sun Transit in Libra 2020- Effect on Sagittarius

  • For Sagittarius, Sun will enter your 11th House. It is called the Labha Bhava. This is the house of gain. It also represents income, wealth, gain in name and fame, and profits.
  • In this house, Sun brings great fortune. You can expect great things to come your way. Professionally, you will receive promotion and appreciation at your workplace. People will acknowledge your work and you will get the benefit from that.
  • During the transit, you will get support from your colleagues and it will improve your efficiency at your workplace.
  • The 11th House also represents social circle, friends, peers, and colleagues. It signifies communication and network. This in result would benefit you during the transit. It will take you to several benefits and success.
  • In your personal life, it is time for you to improve your relationship with your family. Especially, with your father. When you improve your personal life, the reduction of tension will help you do better at your workplace. It will bring fortunate energy in your life. However, your stubborn attitude can rub things in a bad way. You can prevent it by keeping patience.
  • In terms of your health, you will feel better. After a while, during the transit, you will find yourself free from your illness.

Sun Transit in Libra 2020- Effect on Capricorn

  • For Capricorn, Sun transit will take place in your 10th house. This house is also known as the Karma Bhava. It is the dominion that rules over your career. All the aspects regarding your career, profession, successes, failure, prestige, reputation, and area of occupation come under the rule of the 10th realm.
  • Herein, Sun in the Career House of Astrology is a very auspicious position. At your professional front, the transit will ensure a flood of positive energy at your workplace. You will quickly solve all the problems around you. You would look for the root of the issue and find a long term solution.
  • At your workplace, all your associates will encourage you and appreciate your work. With time, you will find great opportunities. As the Sun signifies the government sector, you can also expect a positive result from government organizations.
  • In terms of your personal life, you will improve your relationship with your father and will experience content time with them. With your partner, you can expect a good time. They also look forward to making you happy in several ways.
  • The transit will bring you several good results. Especially, students and scholars can expect good results and auspicious events. The celestial support will help you fly high. So, be ready for adventures.

Sun Transit in Libra 2020- Effect on Aquarius

  • For Aquarius, you will host the mighty Sun in your 9th House. It is also called Dharma Bhava. It is the house of fortune. In addition to this, religious instincts, dharma, ethics, immigration, good karma, higher learnings, your inclination towards good deeds.
  • Herein, Sun will not give you favorable results. It will most likely increase tension in your life and will make you stressed.
  • In terms of professional life, it is not a good time to plan a journey whether it is religious or joyous. It can instigate expenditures and make you lose a handsome amount of money.
  • During the transit, you may feel a little down but the best thing to do during this time would be to maintain your calm. With patience and a little effort, you will soon fix your problems. If you have a business firm of your own, it might face some losses. It would be helpful if you take the consultation of an experienced person.
  • In terms of personal life, you may experience some tension and differences between you and your partner. Also, you may face a conflict of interest. However, you can fix all of it with communication and understanding.
  • At your health front, you will feel healthy but it would be better if you stay active and cautious.

Sun Transit in Libra 2020- Effect on Pisces

  • For Pisces, Sun will transit in your 8th House. This house is also called Randhra Bhava. It is the house of longevity and death. Along with this, all the sudden events are a part of this realm. For example, sudden gain, sudden loss, lottery, and certainty fall under the rule of this dominion.
  • As this is a house of uncertain events, this transit might not bring you fortunate events.
  • In terms of your health, you will have to take care of your immunity, or else you can fall seriously ill. It may also lead to facing long term problems related to eye and teeth. Adopting a better routine, a good diet will help you sustain your health. You can also practice yoga. It will prove to be very helpful for you.
  • At your professional front, you are going to have a rough road ahead with bumpy rides. If you are looking for new opportunities, you will have to wait a little more. Your enemies may not be thinking to let you pass with any success. So, take each step after a subtle calculation.
  • During this period, all the irritation in your professional life can affect your personal life too. It might generate a harsh tone in you and disrupt your relationships. As the 8th house also refers to family & spouse, you may land into a dispute with them. However, you can prevent it all by keeping yourself calm.

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