The Disney Princess You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Disney princess you are based on your zodiac sign

Anyone who has seen a Disney movie knows that those films are more than magic. They teach us valuable life lessons which we can treasure for life. Some movies may even impact our lives so that we might decide to do something absolutely revolutionary. And a movie that can change the course of our life or make us into better people is good as magic. But how do they create such an impression? With our beloved Disney princesses of course.

Each Disney princess is unique and special in their own quirky way. They have wildly different personalities. Some are brave and courageous like Pocahontas while some are kind like Snow White. Each Disney princess has something to teach us. But most of all they teach us that life is tricky and it is okay to mess up at times but we should never stop fighting for what we believe in. When we do that, the battle is already won.

If you are anything like me, you’re probably obsessed with our Disney princesses. And no matter your age you will want to watch and re-watch these timeless tales time and again. So, it can be quite fun to find out which Disney princess you are based on your zodiac sign. Keep reading to learn what the stars say about you and your favourite Disney princess.

Aries – Merida

Aries, there is a good chance that you already knew which Disney princess you are based on your zodiac sign. You are bold, courageous, and not afraid to think outside the box just like princess Merida is from the Disney movie Brave. And most importantly, you never do anything that you don’t want to do. You live on your own terms and do what is best for you even if some may disapprove of your ways. Just like Merida, you too are impulsive and rash but if even your Disney princess is slightly flawed, how can you not be too?

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Taurus – Tiana

Taureans are stubborn. Everyone and their dog knows it. And that is exactly what makes them so similar to Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. If you want something you will go get it even if you have to work twice as hard to accomplish your dream. Also, just like Tiana, Taurus you too would give up your fondest dreams if it meant saving a loved one. No matter how tough you act on the outside, you are ultimately just a big ball of mush. Tiana also had a materialistic side to her which I am sure Taurus can relate to pretty well.

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Gemini – Cinderella

As an air sign, Gemini, you are very friendly and cordial. You love building friendships and you truly value relationships. Cinderella is a spitting image of you. You are always cheerful even when things are going horribly wrong in your personal life. Maybe that is because you truly believe things will get better or simply because you don’t want to cause any inconvenience. But this doesn’t mean that you will stand for injustice. If you’re being wronged you will find a way out of your predicament just like Cinderella found a way to make it to the ball and bag the Prince.

Cancer – Ariel

If we are deciding what Disney princess you are based on your zodiac sign, Cancer you can be no one but Ariel. You are sensitive and emotional and you would do anything for the love of your life. Even if it means sacrificing your voice to the sea witch Ursula for a pair of legs. It might take people some time to understand where you are coming from you. You don’t exactly come across as very logical. But anyone who truly knows you will forever be in awe of your kind heart.

Leo – Moana

Leo has all the traits that Moana does. You are the king of the jungle and everybody chooses you as a natural leader. You are fiercely protective of your loved ones and you will not hesitate to sacrifice it all for them. Just like young Moana didn’t think twice before jumping to the aid of her clan by facing the unknown dangers of the vast ocean. You are also very optimistic and never lose hope. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that even you know you will live up to the promises you make.  

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Virgo – Jasmine

Just like princess Jasmine, Virgo, you too are destined for greatness. And much like her, you don’t shy away you’re your responsibilities but rather embrace them. Jasmine has been preparing herself from a young age to become the next ruler of her kingdom. She truly cares about her subjects and wants her kingdom to flourish and takes measures to make herself eligible. Even when Jasmine finds he match in Ali, she puts her duties first. Sounds like something a Virgo would do, doesn’t it?

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Libra – Snow White

Libra, you are kind, selfless and peaceful. No Disney princess would suit you better than our beloved Snow White. You make friends easily because your personality is refreshing and your smile and laughter are infectious. People can’t help but fall in love with you, just like the seven elves did with Snow White. You can adjust and adapt to any situation and build a good life for yourself anywhere. However, like Snow White, you too have a hard time seeing the bad in people. Not everyone is worth the second chance, Libra.

Scorpio – Rapunzel

Scorpios are no damsel in distress. Not even when they are pushed into a corner. Rapunzel is a princess who mirrors you best. Despite being trapped by a mean witch her entire life she hoped for a better life and found a way out of the tower she was locked in. Like Scorpios too are relentless and determined. If they have set their mind to something, they will find a way to achieve it even it means they have to take a crooked way to get there.

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Sagittarius – Mulan

You are an adventurer. Normal bores you much like Mulan. All she wanted from life was an adventure that could take her to the farthest corners of the world. This warrior princess did not need a man to save her because she was the one capable of doing all the saving. But it is not only thrill that a Sagittarius seeks. They would do anything for their loved ones even if it meant sacrificing themselves in the process. Just like Mulan knew that she was probably marching to her death when she went to join Army in the guise of a man instead of her ailing father.

Capricorn – Pocahontas

Pocahontas would always push her limits. She did not cower in fear when the enemy was at her gates nor did she choose violence as a way of escape. She was strategic and clever and without her land and her people would have suffered a terrible fate. If anybody can relate to that it is Capricorn. You are calm and composed even in the direst of situations. Just like Pocahontas you are not afraid to believe in what you stand for even if it means you have to go through your fair share of troubles to make people see eye to eye with you.

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Aquarius – Belle

If we are making a list of Disney princess based on zodiac signs, Aquarius can only be clubbed in with Belle. Bell was beautiful but her best gift was her intelligence. She knew that she could get out of any convoluted situation only on her wit. Maybe that is why she was so ready to be held a prisoner by the beast. Alas, Aquarius you also have a penchant for seeing the good in people which makes you fall in love deeply in love with them. But don’t you worry, you are an excellent judge of character at the end of the day.

Pisces – Aurora

Selfless, kind and a dreamer, Pisces you are a living embodiment of Princess Aurora. Just like the Disney princess, you are selective of who you let in but once you do, you are ready to do anything for them. Aurora may be a little in over her head but I believe a little bit of unworldliness is needed in a world that is so practical. You may be naïve and a little too good for your own but that is what makes you so very special Pisces.

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