The Kashmir Files: Will the movie become a superhit?

The Kashmir Files Horoscope

Hitting the theatre like a shocking hit, The Kashmir Files has astonished the people with its net income of Rs. 12.05 Crore in just two days from just India. The movie was released on March 11, 2022. Many astrologers predicted that the movie would fulfill the peoples’ hopes in keeping them bound to the film. In fact, as per The Kashmir Files horoscope, the documentary drama shall become the most memorable movie of 2022.

Many astrologers even predicted that The Kashmir Files would break all boundaries of success in terms of money as well as entertainment. Moreover, according to The Kashmir Files astrology predictions, the movie also possesses high chances of grabbing national awards.

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The Kashmir Files trailer

Promotional Steps Taken For The Kashmir Files

The movie collected around Rs. 3.55 Crore on the first day of its premiere. And, it is expectable that the film would surpass the number of Rs. 18-20 Crore in upcoming 2-3 days.

But what led to such a massive hit? As much as the answer is The Kashmir Files horoscope, you cannot ignore the promotional campaigns that aided in the movie’s upliftment.

The Kashmir Files did not approach any reality show for its promotions, not even the famous Kapil Sharma Show. Instead, the movie was strongly promoted on social media platforms. Not just this, the director of the film Vivek Agnihotri took the movie for city-to-city promotions. He even shared short videos and then tidbits of The Kashmir Files.

The movie was in hit lines for a very long time. Obviously, the movie firmly hits many strong points faced by the people of Kashmir— particularly the Kashmiri Pandits. And in anti-move of the same, many people attacked it. The director took the front foot and patiently promoted The Kashmir Files. He even answered all the ups and downs proactively.

Along with it, the movie possessed a franchise value connected with it. This acted as a strong factor in helping astrologers predict the success of The Kashmir Files.

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Myths The Kashmir Files Broke

Docudramas Do Not Work

Hardly there have been Docudramas that have been successful. Instead, they are considered boring and flat in the timeline of entertainment. However, The Kashmir Files broke this factor. The retelling of the events in The Kashmir Files is compelling with great and stylish bars of filmy elements.

Song-less Movies Would Barely Keep You Awestruck

The Kashmir Files is filled with music but without dance or romantic numbers. A three-hour movie with just the real events with zero points in dance and romance has stood strongly with the other releases that were parallel to this film.

An OTT type movie holds no grounds in theatres

Cinema VS OTT!

The battle is hot these days. The release of The Kashmir Files in the cinemas with almost all the traits of an OTT movie has fulfilled all the pointers for being an entertaining, daring, eye-striking, and logical movie.

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The Kashmir Files Horoscope

Our astrologers analyzed the chart of The Kashmir Files. The predictions for the movie as per them were:

In the horoscope of The Kashmir Files, there is an effect of planet Mars. Because of it, the movie will hold multiple controversies. Even after the release of The Kashmir Files.

Seeing from the financial prospect, our astrologers said that the movie would do average to good. Also, some sections and dialogues of The Kashmir Files will get appreciation. Moreover, there is an impact of planet Venus in the 2nd house of the horoscope of The Kashmir Files. With it, planet Rahu will also act actively in the chart of the film. This clearly indicates that The Kashmir Files will do great around the very start after the release, especially in terms of keeping people involved in the movie.

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The Kashmir Files: Predictions for National Awards

Astrologers at Astrotalk have predicted that The Kashmir Files shall be a great consideration for national awards this year. Horoscope of the movie illustrates that the name and fame of the film will be astonishing. Not only the plot of The Kashmir Files will be loved by all, but the cast also will earn recognition from this particular successful docudrama.

Also, the movie shall be a hit not just in India, but also in other countries too, as per The Kashmir Files horoscope. It will make its chances stronger to grab national awards. The planets of the movie also say that the movie’s director, Vivek Agnihotri, will enjoy appreciation as well. In fact, he also holds high chances to win a national award for The Kashmir Files.

The Kashmir Files box office collection

Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files saw a huge jump at the box office on its third day. As per the reports, The Kashmir files box office collection has surpassed ₹27.15 crores in just three days. A major contribution to the box office numbers was from Mumbai, Delhi NCR and East Punjab. Also, with the Holi vacation ahead of us and many states choosing to make the movie tax free, we won’t be surprised if the film ends up earning more than Rs 100-crore soon in India alone.

The IMDb rating of The Kashmir Files currently stands at 8.3

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