Things to know if having sex with an Aries

Things to know if having sex with Aries

“What is your zodiac sign?” might not be the first question you ask the one you want to sleep with, but there definitely are some pros of having that answer for yourself before you get between the sheets with them. When it comes to sex, each zodiac has some sexual preferences which it gets from the stars. There are always some sexual traits and strengths that your zodiac sign may possess, and it is important that your strengths match with the one you want to sleep with to call the night an affair to remember. Well, we surely aren’t suggesting that as an Aries, you only sleep with the zodiac sexually compatible with yours, but you must take an opportunity to analyse who all comes closer to your sexual compatibility in bed instead of just going blind with anyone.

Aries are one of the horniest zodiac signs of the zodiac jungle. The trait provokes them to try new things, which often take their partner by surprise. However, for some of you, sex is not what and how Aries perceives it and having that realisation in bed is just too late. Hence, in case you are planning to ding dong with an Aries, here are some things you need to know to understand whether you would be compatible with an Aries in bed or not.

1. The crazy frequency of Aries


In astrology, Mars is the planet of passion and desire — and that passion definitely makes its way into the bedroom. Any time the Aries sees you, all they can imagine is you in bed in the new position that they thought of last night. This intensity in sex is too much to handle for some, but the good thing is that Aries stick around with the one who allows them to be playful and free. Hence if you don’t wish to waste your time trying to find a casual fling every now and then, then Aries can be the choice for you. Also, when in a relationship with Aries, sex is usally un-negotiable. Hence, if you are a once or twice-in-a-week kind of person, then things will pretty much not work with Aries.

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2. Aries can be aggressive in bed 


Having it rough in bed is an aphrodisiac these days. Hence, we will call you lucky if you have someone like Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of war, which makes these natives rough in bed. So between the act, if the Aries suddenly begins to dominate you or gets aggressive (slapping, hair pulling, etc.) you can either get offended or wait to enjoy the best sex of your life. For Aries, pleasure is pain and seeing you in sweet pain turns them on. Further, add some screams to it, and you might have moments where you might feel you are passing out. 

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3. Aries can be selfish in bed 


Aries are known as the babies of the zodiac as they are the first sign. Hence, they can also be kind of selfish in bed or want something that you might not be comfortable giving or doing in bed. This trait of theirs can be plus or minus depending upon how you pursue their will of trying a certain odd position or something unrealistic they have happened to imagine. In other words, Aries may have some self-serving qualities, but they can harness that aggressive — and insatiable — energy into having lots of intense sex.

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4. Don’t expect the Aries to bond 


Hot in bed but cold at heart, that’s what Aries are all about. Having flings is a normal tendency of Aries though often they don’t realise it. The worst is that Aries can be deeply romantic with someone in bed, but once the act is done – and you are flattered – they won’t hesitate in telling you that they are not looking for something serious. However, if you really want to win an Aries, there is a tip you can remember, which is – whatever happens, don’t let them win. An Aries gets really frustrated when you don’t talk about the good things they have done to you in bed or how they are different from others. The more you hide and frustrate them outside the bed, the more fierce will be the sex and the closer they will get to you emotionally.

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5. Best positions 


Aries have big egos with a tendency to show off. Hence they may always be on a hunt to announce that they are dating or sleeping with you. To do so, Aries is into public sex or would simply keep the drapes open during the action. Hence if you are a bit shy, Aries shouldn’t be your first choice in sex. Also, as Aries rule the head area, hence stroking their head or hair is a huge turn-on for them. Things also get heated up if they find you screaming or in pain. However, plain romantic missionary is not the position they can stay in for longer.

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6. Rare foreplay 


Although foreplay makes sex fun, but for Aries, it is just the main course that matters. Aries are way too proud of their skills that they think foreplay is for the weak and the ones who can’t last long. Well, astrologers claim that an Aries not being in foreplay reveals his or her inability of brewing stories just like a Taurus or Scorpio can during the sex night. Hence if foreplay is your cup of tea – which should be – then dating Aries is not what we would suggest. 

7. Beginnings are tough 


If you connect with people way too quickly, then you need to be wary of dating an Aries or just do the right things if you want to keep dating them. Aries natives can be a bit fickle in the beginning. It is like they will profess their undying love and passion for you on a Tuesday, then be blocking your number on Friday. The reason? There are a few: you had sex with them too soon, and now they have sensed you feel a connection and they don’t. Also, it’s a huge turn-off for Aries if you come off as weak as they like it tough in bed. Next, you hurt their feelings (as tough as they are, they are super-sensitive).

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