Things you need to know about marriage astrology

marriage astrology

Marriage is a significant event that causes a paradigm shift in each person’s life journey. Everyone has high hopes for marriage because it ultimately determines one’s happiness, success, and other significant areas of life. Here’s how to find marriage astrology

You can learn whether you’ll get married, when to expect it, why marriage occurs at a young age, and other information from an astrology marriage prediction, among other things.

Marriage is a theme in the seventh house of your horoscope. The planet Venus is the one that facilitates marriage. In everyone’s horoscope, Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Shukra), Mercury (Buddh), and the Moon are the lucky planets. Among the unlucky planets are the Sun, Saturn (Shani), Mars (Mangal), Rahu, and Ketu. While lucky planets encourage early marriage, unfortunate planets postpone marriage.

Marriages between 18 and 23 of years occurs if Mercury or the moon are in your seventh house. You’ll match between 24 and 26 if Jupiter is in the seventh house. When the sun is in the seventh house; there is delay in marriage and encounter many challenges also. Mars in the seventh house, sometimes called Mangalik you, can seriously postpone marriage. Marriages doesn’t happen for at least 35 years If Saturn is in the seventh house.

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What leads to young marriage?

People who marry early, for instance, between 16 and 23 years old, that means there are benefic planets in the 7th house, that is marriage astrology.

When Mercury and Venus are both in the seventh house, people get marry early. Also, if there is benefic planet in the seventh house with Saturn marriages happens at young age.

What causes late marriage?

Sun, Saturn, and Rahu are a few of the planets that can cause a late marriage in a horoscope. One can witness postpone of marriage if any planet, such as the Sun, Saturn, or Rahu, is seen to be in the seventh house.

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Why not to considering late marriage:

• It may limit the options available for the spouse.

• The ability to adapt and the willingness to change decline, and perhaps stubbornness enters. This could be a crucial element in the success of your marriage.

• Their family and other obligations may cause a person’s lack of interest in their marriage.

• Health problems may arise or natural pleasure vanishes. This has a direct impact on a spouse’s attraction.

• Your 10th house, the home for work and profession; may be impacted by problems in your 7th house, the marriage house.

• A late marriage also prevents you from activating your 9th house, the house of fate, at the proper time.

However, an Astrotalk astrologer can tell you these warning signs from a horoscope. It requires a close examination of certain planets in the 7th house, the primary house for marriage, the 8th house, which is the house of obstacles and delays in life, and the 9th house (the house of fate).

What if the seventh house is devoid of any planets?

The timing of the marriage will depend on the placement of other planets in the birth chart; if there are no planets in the seventh house marriage could occur early or late.

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How to right marriage astrology?

Astrological forecasts also indicates when you are most likely to get married. This is because Jupiter stays for 13 months in each zodiac sign before moving on to the next.

Your horoscope’s placement of Jupiter might be utilised to predict your wedding year. Even though marriage is a significant milestone in life and it is normal for people to experience some worry about it, attentively examining the birth chart and getting the essential information from it can help draw some conclusions about marriage.

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