Tsunami Threat in Japan- Earthquake can Trigger the Waves

Tsunami threat in Japan

According to reports, the Japanese government has warned of a mega Tsunami and earthquake hitting the nation. It’s a significant prediction as an earthquake of magnitude 9 is centered around Japan trench and Kurli trench. In Fact, Scientists suggest that the earthquake can trigger a Tsunami as high as 30 meters. The Japanese trench is said to be the epicenter of the earthquake. The tsunami threat in Japan has led to an uproar in the coastal areas.

Earlier on 18 of April, a strong earthquake hit Japan, however, there was no damage. There are various speculations to the upcoming Tsunami threat in Japan. The solutions that people have resorted to is by clear evacuation. Moreover, another jolt of an earthquake of magnitude 9.3 can have serious repercussions. The Tsunami can submerge the Nuclear Power plant in Tokyo that was hit by the 2011 tsunami. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the Fukushima Plant can again become the target of the Tsunami, thus creating a massive loss.

How is the Tsunami caused?

A tsunami is caused by disruptions in the ocean bed like an earthquake or volcanic eruption. The waves are not a result of winds or tides. In fact, they are super high and as fast as a jet plane. The Tsunami that occurred in Japan in 2011 was as high as a 10 story building.

Many people confuse Tsunami with tidal waves. Tidal waves are caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon. Moreover, tides are low, unlike Tsunami waves that case destruction to mankind.

The Damage of 2011 Tsunami in Japan

The Japan Tsunami almost killed 15,000 people in the country. It resulted in heavy losses of infrastructure and housing. However, the damage of the 2004 Tsunami that hit Indonesia and Sri Lanka killed around 1,67,000 people. The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant was damaged severely. The aftermath of the disaster was by far the worst in Japan. As a result, more than 2,70,000 houses had no water for days. It was 11th March 2011 that Tsunami wavered causing damage, loss of life, and massive flooding.

Earthquakes are very common in Japan. Small magnitude quakes jitter the people. However, the 2011 earthquake led to immense destruction. This mega Tsunami will also have more or less the same effect on people. The victims of the natural calamity have now started their lives from scratch but this new wave can stop the progress. Already the world is fighting Coronavirus, now Japan has to deal with another calamity.

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