Can AAP turn-tables in Punjab? Astrologers predict

AAP can win election?

With Punjab elections scheduled in early March, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is considering it as its road to becoming a national party. After leveraging the ongoing farmer protest, AAP is also making promises such as free electricity, monetary benefits for all women, etc. in the state to win the elections. But will it be able to seal the deal? Here’s is what Astrotalk’s astrologers have to say.

Bhagwant Mann kundli predictions 

Bhagwant Mann is the only MP from AAP to be a part of Lok Sabha. He is likely to be the CM face of AAP for the Punjab Elections 2022, which has not been announced yet. 

Born on 17 Oct 1973, in Sangrur, Bhagwant Mann has Gemini as his Moon sign. The CM face of Punjab has a conjunction of Sun and Mercury in the 2nd house of his kundli. In fact, the Mercury placed in his chart is in atmakaraka form. An atmakaraka planet is said to have a great influence on the person.

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The Sun and Mars in Bhagwant Mann’s horoscope are under each other’s aspect. Mars is the reason behind his determination and energy. It will also fill him up with confidence when he goes out to campaign for the election. Mars also will help him articulate his thoughts better.

The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu, however, may get him into arguments with others and controversies. 

Will Bhagwant Mann win Punjab election 2022?

During the period of Punjab Elections 2022, the most influential planet, Jupiter, will be in a favourable position for Bhagwant Mann. Further, the transit of Jupiter in Aquarius through his 5th house during the same time will help him easily win the Punjab election, predicts astrologers.

Although Mann is likely to win in Punjab, but the post-election road for him seems tough. Placement of Saturn with Ketu, post-election, will create a Shapit Dosh in Bhagwant Mann’s horoscope.

This may lead to the party not being able to keep its promises in the state. 

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