Will Russia use nuclear weapons against Ukraine? An astrological aspect

nuclear war against Ukraine

The Ukraine-Russia crisis began almost 50 days back. Since then, the world is under rectifying the terror of nuclear war. Multiple times, the US and NATO have denied involvement directly in this war between Russia and Ukraine as it might lead to World War 3. On the other hand, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has warned everybody constantly that nuclear war against Ukraine is a real possibility.

Let us see what our astrologers have to predict about the same.

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Russia-Ukraine War: Historical facts to know

Ukraine declared itself as an independent nation on August 24, 1991. The communist Supreme Soviet, i.e., the Parliament of Ukraine signified that the country would no longer walk on USSR laws. Also, the country would no longer serve the Soviet Union. In 1992, the NATO allies contemplated adding Eastern and Central European members for the very first time. It made Ukraine establish connections with the alliance. However, it didn’t join it.

Last year, around April, Russia sent around 100,000 military troops to Ukraine’s borders for drill purposes. This indicated that Russia might soon attack Ukraine for invasion purposes. However, later that very month, they withdrew forces, however not completely.

Around mid-February this year, Russia started building troops against Ukraine. Also, around the last of February 2022, Russia began the war of invasion over Ukraine, attacking the nation from all edges and ends.  

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Former Predictions on Ukraine-Russia Crisis 2022

Because of some planetary combinations, natives shall see the chances of Russia even stronger to win the war. The reason for it will be the Mars transit in the Capricorn zodiac sign on February 26.

Comparing the horoscope of Putin and Zelensky, Kundli of Vladimir Putin is stronger than that of the Ukraine president. Putin’s horoscope says that he shall overthrow Ukraine’s existing government.

Speaking of the horoscope of Volodymyr Zelensky currently, he possesses a Mahadasha as well as Antardasha Markesh in nature.

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Ukraine-Russia Crisis: Launch of nuclear attack or not?

As per the sources, the CIA director has directly warned the people that it is no time to take the nuclear war threat against Ukraine lightly. In fact, if the desperation of Putin to rule over Ukraine is taken lightly, not just Ukraine but the entire world shall see its repercussions. Thus, to avoid the chances of World War 3, the nuclear war against Ukraine must need serious attention.

Moreover, the news sources also say that Ukraine President Zelensky is constantly warning the people to prepare themselves for such casualties. In fact, he has also called for a stockpile of radiation meds.

On the other hand, some otherwise news had been rising from the Russian side. Russia is strongly emphasizing the fact that Russia shall launch a nuclear war against Ukraine only in the most existential threat possibilities. But, their actions say a whole different story. As per sources around the Russia-Ukraine borders, some nuclear bombers were spotted recently. Pictured proofs of the same had been too.  

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Nuclear war against Ukraine: Astrological insight

April would be a crucial month in the Ukraine-Russia crisis. As per the astrology predictions, on April 5, 2022, planet Saturn and Mars were at 28o. This somewhat increased and enhanced the chances of nuclear war on Ukraine and the entire world. Not just this, with the advent of Saturn transit in the Aquarius zodiac sign on April 28, time will be crucial for Ukraine, as then, chances of an attack on the country might increase drastically.

However, the chances of having a Nuclear weapons attack on Ukraine are pretty low. Strategically, Russia shall never destroy the infrastructure of Ukraine. Also, it would never make Ukrainians against him. To rule, Putin shall use other tactics. But, nuclear war against Ukraine won’t be an option on his list.

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