Watch: Actress Poonam Sood shares secrets about her life

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In yet another episode of The Astrotalk Show, we have with us actress and model Poonam Sood in conversation with one of the most talented astrologers on Astrotalk, SnehaG. 

Poonam, is a famous Instagram influencer with over 221K followers on Instagram, where she shares work alongside helping people with fashion tips, choreography, and much more. 

Poonam had a wish to talk to one of our astrologers to clear some confusion around her present and future life. Here is the fun interaction between Poonam and SnehaG.

In the talk show, Poonam spills some beans about her journey from being a middle-class girl to now working not just as a model but also as an actress, dancer, and influencer.

“I lost my father at the age of six, which brought a huge responsibility on my shoulders. But sitting around was no option for me, and hence I tried to do everything I could lay my hands upon. I strongly believe that God has always been by my side and not only showed me the right way, but always helped me meet the right people in life,” Poonam says. 

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“I believe in astrology but also believe in the fact that astrology won’t help you if you don’t help yourself first. It’s a two-way street. I know a little bit about astrology and the concept that the blessings of planets only come to those who are ready to make an effort in life and never give up on things just because they seem difficult,” Poonam adds

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