How to guess someone’s zodiac sign? CEO’s wife explains

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The way we are is because of our zodiac sign. If you are highly sensual, you ought to be a Scorpio or Taurus. If you think of yourself as the creative one, then the chances are that you are a Pisces or Cancer. Yet, at times we realise that the traits we got aren’t actually the traits our zodiac sign represents. What is that all about? And does it mean astrology is wrong?

In a brand new episode of The Astrotalk Show, we have in conversation Astrotalk founder Puneet Gupta and his beloved wife Deepika Tomar. The duo in the show reveal each other’s qualities and traits to find out whether those qualities match with their respective zodiac sign or not.

The episode is about highlighting the fact that only a few people in this world are a 100% representation of their zodiac sign, while others got characteristics from all over the place.

“I am very fond of zodiac signs. I have a habit of observing people for the way they talk or things they do to predict what zodiac sign they belong to. And as a relationship manager, this really helps me understand people and build connections with them,” says Deepika.

“When I first met Puneet, I realised that he is a very emotional person and the first that came to my mind was that he could either be a Taurus or a Leo. Later, I observed his confident side and hence was assured that he is a Leo. But interestingly, Puneet is also very impatient, which is not something Leos are,” Deepika adds.

Deepika explains that a person is rarely a 100% representation of his zodiac sign. Meaning, one may not have the exact same qualities that his or her zodiac symbolizes. This is because, besides our zodiac sign, the strength and weakness of planets in our Kundli at the time of our birth also play a major role in deciding our attributes.

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“If you are a Taurus, you will have an emotional side. You will be sensual, hardworking, and a lover of luxuries. These are your dominant traits that are not changing whatsoever. Also, Taurus is said to be very lazy. But does that mean all Taurus’ in this world are lazy? Absolutely not. If the Taurus-born has a strong Jupiter in Kundli, he can never be lazy even if he tries,” Deepika explains. 

Deepika has a knack for zodiac signs and loves to discuss them with others. If you too wish to join Deepika in a conversation to know about yourself through your zodiac signs, let us know what your zodiac sign is in the comment section below.

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