Lucky Things Different Zodiac Signs Can Buy This Dhanteras

Dhanteras 2021 For All Zodiac Signs

The auspicious occasion of Dhanteras is celebrated every year on the auspicious time of Krishna Paksha Trayodashi tithi of the Kartik month, as per the Hindu calendar. And, Dhanteras 2021 would be on November 2, Tuesday. But, how Dhanteras 2021 for all zodiac signs would be? And more importantly, what gem, jewelry, or gemstone would be lucky for you as per your zodiac sign?

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Dhanteras shopping is pretty famous all over the country and is considered as an auspicious day for buying possessions like jewelry, gemstones, and other possessions. As per Hindu mythology, two days prior to Diwali, Lord Dhanvantari was born. Dhanteras festival celebrates his birthday. It is further said that when Dhanvantari was embodied, he possessed in his hands an urn full of nectar. And for this very reason, the Dhanteras festival is also known as Dhanvantari Jayanti or Dhantrayodashi.

Well, that is not it. According to another Hindu mythological tale, on Dhanteras, Lord Kubera (the God of Wealth) accompanied by Goddess Laxmi came out from the ruffle of the ocean. Therefore, people in different parts of the country take blessings from both deities on this very day by doing puja and buying ornaments or other materials made of Silver and Gold.

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But should you buy gold or silver, jewelry or coins? With the help of our expert Astrologers at AstroTalk, we have come up with a list of lucky possessions for Dhanteras 2021 for all zodiac signs. Read the lot to find out.


You are always ready to take on the world and the limelight. Thus, on Dhanteras 2021 for Aries zodiac sign, you must pick up some sort of ownership in an organization. Also, you should look keenly into buying utensils made of silver, especially silver bowls. Women who wish to possess small gold ornaments like earnings, rings, etc., can buy them. Owning some new electronic goods would be a nice idea too.

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But, Lord Kubera would be highly pleased if you buy Silver metal in any form. There are high possibilities that this shall prove beneficial in increasing your wealth as well. 


This Dhanteras, Taurus natives have a lot of options open for them to enjoy the luck factor. But, what will bring them auspices the most would be Silver jewelry. As the Taurus people possess the ability to enjoy stability and comfort regarding riches, investing safely should go through the plan. Young Taureans could also look for investing in their startups and benefit from the same. 

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With planet Venus as your ruling planet, prosperity will definitely be at your doorstep on Dhanteras 2021. And, with buying silver ornaments and investing in good startup plans, you could also see buying an urn or new clothes.


Dhanteras 2021 for all zodiac signs will be great, but for Gemini natives, it would be a little tricky. The loophole here is caution. You must remember not to put all your money into buying or investing in one thing. It might make you confused and a person with a diverse focus. Thus, the lucky thing to buy on Dhanteras 2021 for Gemini sign would be Gold along with green shaded household stuff.

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By buying so, Lord Dhanvantari would surely shower his blessings on you. Plus, having gold as wealth in the house would be auspicious in family financial growth. You can also purchase some new steel utensils and ornaments that add beauty to your face.


Cancer natives are usually a mix of volatile and emotions. Hence, for Dhanteras 2021, Cancer sign people must possess a silver made Shree Yantra. Of course, you can buy other silver-made things, but having this Yantra will be auspicious for you. Your lockers and safe in the office and home would never stay empty. Plus, you would also have Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings.

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Other than that, you could go for some new household items made of steel or silver. With that, if you wish, you can move ahead with some short-term investments that guarantee quick and assured results. 


You are kind of an extravagant lifestyle believer. And therefore, amongst all the zodiac signs, Dhanteras 2021 for Leo natives would be lucky if you buy Gold coins and utensils. Ladies can buy ornaments too, but coins would be the lucky card for you this Dhanteras. Goddess Lakshmi shall offer her blessings to you, and you will find yourself growing well in your career. 

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2021 Dhanteras for Leo people will go well if you purchase a copper vessel or Kalash. Buying new clothes in red color shall be a good idea too. Plus, investment in long-term growth stocks in big capital funds will add more to the auspiciousness of your financial growth. With that, if you have an interest in the religious sector, buying a religious book will be a great idea for sure. 


You use your brain in everything, right? Well, use it for making good investments this Dhanteras. For Virgo natives, the best would be investing in long-term plans. Plus, our Astrologers at AstroTalk suggest putting the savings before the investment one will be more beneficial. 

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As for what lucky thing/s you can buy to build up things in your favor- go for silver or gold Kalash. Virgo natives on Dhanteras 2021 can also look to purchase items made of ivory and bronze. All these possessions and metals will definitely increase your wealth and help you earn profit very soon.


Just the way you have your spending habits and appealing public skills, it is highly advisable that you indulge yourself in possessions that add beauty to your world. Therefore, Libra natives on Dhanteras 2021, you must buy gold and silver jewelry. If not that, you could also go for having some coins of the same metals. Having any of these will get you prosperity and happiness in the long run financially. 

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You could also indulge yourself in direct lending plans. With that, getting new clothes, decorative stuff, and perfume purchasing shall be lucky for Librans this Dhanteras.


For natives with Scorpio sign are pretty analytical yet emotional, this Dhanteras, you must get into something less volatile. And the best option for it would be a road ahead to investment methods like Fixed Maturity Plans or bonds. With that, this Dhanteras Scorpio natives must purchase new electronic items or gold ornaments. 

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However, the most auspicious thing to buy for Scorpio natives would be copper utensils and possessions made of brass. It would get you an immense hike in wealth and be lucky for people involved in the business. 


You have a carefree nature and a bullish attitude. And for Dhanteras 2021, Sagittarius natives must approach something that they can afford and not be worried about. Thus, go for copper utensils and earthen pots, as they would be highly auspicious for you. Also, having some affordable investments such as penny stocks shall be great as well. 

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Sags can also plan to have a new vehicle on Dhanteras 2021. Plus, silver coins, utensils, and gold ornaments like earrings and chains would get luck factor in your pocket as well.


It shall be highly lucky for you if you buy a new vehicle on Dhanteras 2021. But make sure you don’t give the whole money on Dhanteras day and pay a bit in advance. Adding to the same, decorative items that enhance your beauty will be a plus plan for this Dhanteras for Capricorn sign. 

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As you love to keep things simple, investing in some regular stocks, which you know are trustworthy will be a great idea and keep you motivated. Furthermore, you could also go for having some silver in your pockets. Get silver utensils or small level jewels and ornaments like anklets and nose rings/pins.


To have the blessing from Lord Kubera, Aquarius natives have to be a little creative. So, for Dhanteras 2021 for Aquarius sign, buying silver will be a good and lucky move. Plus, investments in cryptocurrency shall be a nice plan as well. Try your luck in bitcoins, and you will encounter success for sure. 

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Women should get themselves some nice perfumes and ornaments like jewelry sets in silver material. If you wish, you can also buy copper utensils and gold (but in small amounts). Go for some saving plans too, as they shall be helpful to you in the long run. 


You always crave abstract stability in your life. So, this Dhanteras Pisces people must approach good, safe, and secure methods of investments like Fixed Deposits and Provident Funds. With that, you could also have silver utensils and coins. 

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Buying some electronic items shall be a good move too for Dhanteras 2021 for Pisces natives. And, if you wish to buy some new clothes, you can do that too. Only remember to avoid black while purchasing.

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