Marriage astrology: Separation Or Divorce Yoga In The Horoscope

Separation Or Divorce Yoga

Lately, divorces have become very common between a married couple. A minor misunderstanding or a mistake leads to a divorce. It takes less time to get divorced than to get married. I have had clients who were together for years and got married. However, in less than a year of togetherness, they have divorced. Not just love marriages, I have clients with arranged marriages also applying for divorces. There could be numerous reasons to separate or to divorce. But, as per astrology, let us see all separation and divorce yoga, which may lead to issues like these.

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Problems in marriage: Planetary combinations that cause separation/divorce

  • The 7th Lord in the 6th house or 8th house leads to separation. 
  • Ruling planets of the 6th or 8th house in the 7th house, with the 7th Lord, will affect married life. It shall cause a high impact if it is aspected by a malefic planet and does not have a benefic aspect.
  • Mars connected with 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house with another malefic planet. It would cause disturbance in married life and may even lead to divorce/separation.
  • The 7th lord sitting in the 6th house and is aspected by Mars may lead to sudden separation.
  • Another planetary combination for separation and divorce yoga occurs when the 7th lord sits in the 6th house and aspected by Saturn will lead to an extended court case, then divorce.
  • Getting married in Dasha of planets signifying 6th, 8th, or 12th houses may give yoga of separation or divorce.
  • Venus planet under affliction in horoscopes of males and Mars afflicted in horoscopes of females. If it happens, it may cause problems in married life.
  • Saturn and Mars aspecting each other in 1st and 7th house or 5th and 11th house in the girl’s horoscope may lead to problems in married life.
  • Both Saturn and Mars together aspecting 7th or 8th house will give problems in married life.
  • Strong Mangal dosh (Kuja Dosha) when Mars placed in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house can lead to problems in married life.
  • The affliction of 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th, or 12th houses and their lords denotes separation or divorce yoga in the horoscope.
  • Now, we know the separation or divorce yoga, let us now see how these can planets lead to a problem like this. 

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Planets responsible for separation or divorce yoga

 In my experience, I have seen planets like Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu play a major role in creating separation or divorce yoga.

Sun and Separation/Divorce

  • Sun is a burning planet and is commanding and authoritative in nature. 
  • If planet Sun is afflicted or not placed appropriately and connects with the 7th house, it will lead to problems in married life. 
  • Also, if Sun is in the 1st or 7th house, it shall give problems between the married couple. However, if the Sun is in a favorable or neutral house, it will create conflicts between the married couple. 
  • They will blame each other or have a harsh exchange of words and arguments, but divorce will not happen. 
  • If the planet Venus is along with the Sun, within 7 degrees and 30 minutes in 2nd or 4th, 7th, or 9th house, it will lead to divorce. However, we must see the D9 or Navamsha chart to be very sure of the separation or divorce yoga. Looking at the Lagna chart alone is not sufficient. 
  • Lagna chart and D9 (Navamsha) both illustrate divorce or separation yoga. So, if only one chart depicts divorce, the married couple will have conflicts only.
  • Another important aspect to consider is the association or aspect of a benefic planet. It will reduce the malefic effects. In some cases, it may eradicate the yoga for separation or divorce.

Mars and Separation/Divorce:

  • Mars is the planet of quarrels and physical harassment. When Mars is in 2nd or 4th or 7th or 8th or 12th house, it is called Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha. It leads to difficulties in married life. 
  • When Mars connects with houses related to marriage like the 1st or 7th, it gives quarrel, verbal or physical fight between the married couple. 
  • Also, if Mars connects only with the 7th house (house related to a married partner), it creates problems or quarrels between the married couple. 
  • However, if somehow it connects with the 3rd and 11th house and their lords, it creates a yoga where the girl may get physically assaulted by her father-in-law and mother-in-law. Mars is a significator of divorce and usually ends in court cases. But, in such a case, D9 or Navamsa chart must indicate divorce or separation, too. 
  • If Mars has formed Rajyoga or is present in his own hose without any affliction of other malefic planets or aspects, it will give a long and happy married life. 

Saturn and Separation/Divorce:

  • Saturn also plays a vital role in determining divorces in a married couple. 
  • If Saturn associates with houses like the 1st or 7th house, it makes the native suspicious in nature. Also, he/she may tend to doubt his/her partner. 
  • Saturn, when involved with marriage houses, may keep the person unsatisfied in the marital life. They would mostly think it could be better than what it is. 
  • Planet Saturn is a very slow-moving planet. So, its effects are also very slow and last long. Couples influenced by Saturn in houses related to marriage, keep matters within themselves for a long time, and all of a sudden burst out at even small issues. 
  • Saturn sometimes leads to divorce and sometimes might keep the couple separated from each other without an official divorce. It usually creates misunderstandings between the married couple and invites quarrels and conflicts between them. 

Rahu and Separation/Divorce:

  • Rahu is called the planet of separation.
  • When connected with the 7th house and has a malefic aspect, Rahu created disturbances in married life.
  • If Rahu connects with the house of sex, the person tends to be non-satisfied with one person and wants multiple partners. 
  • He or she cannot be in one relationship for long and will possess a flirty personality. 

Ketu and Separation/Divorce:

  • There are different opinions when it comes to Ketu and separation. A few say that Ketu gives separation or divorce yoga. While, as per many astrologers, it gives objective to marriage and getting married only to have kids. Well, I have observed that both opinions are true. 
  • Ketu is also called Vairagya karaka, which means he could destroy all materialistic things. 
  • So, if Ketu is connected or present in the 7th house and is afflicted or aspected by a malefic planet, it gives resistance in leading a married life. 
  • The person may not be concerned about their partner. If Ketu is in conjunction with Venus, the person will have secret relationships. 
  • However, if Ketu is the influence of benefic planets like Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Moon, it will give good results.

Please note that the above information on planetary conjunction alone is insufficient to determine separation or divorce yoga. Therefore, we need to consider D9 or Navamsha chart and Vimshottari Dasha before judging. 

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