8 Most Loyal Zodiac Signs That We All Deserve In 2022


Loyalty is hard to find, and what’s harder is to find the answer to the question – Who are the most loyal zodiac signs? But then astrologers can always help you get such answers, especially if you are looking for love in 2022

There’s is saying among teenagers that go – Why do I always find the wrong guy/girl? Well, honestly, we can’t really know if the person is loyal or not just by glancing at them, but of course, we can’t deny the fact that there are also people who feel right from the beginning. However, that breed, to be honest, is very rare. And honestly, most of ours karma would say, Oh please!!, if we go out looking for such loyal individuals. 

Loyalty is a rare trait to have, especially in today’s world that thinks flings are cool. And surely, faithfulness it’s not missing simply because some zodiac signs have taken onto themselves the responsibility to ensure loyalty keeps existing in the world. So if you are someone who wishes to have a loyal partner, then you might want to have a look at these 8 most loyal zodiac signs as per astrology. 

1. Cancer 

The sensitive Cancer has a hard time when it comes to falling in love. They usually wait for the right one and are in no hurry of finding love as they would rather be single than have their heart shattered five months after coming into a relationship. Cancer natives themselves are very loyal and loving in a relationship and thus expect the same from their partner. Personally, the thought of cheating or breaking up the relationship doesn’t cross a Cancer’s mind, but only until their emotional needs and being fulfilled, and they feel valued. In a nutshell, the most loyal zodiac sign, Cancer, gives you all of them, and you would rarely have the reasons to doubt their love. 

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2. Scorpio 

Scorpio comes second on the most loyal zodiac signs list as per astrology. It can take a while for anyone to breach the guard Scorpio creates around them when it comes to relationships, but once they can fully trust you, they happen to be the kinkiest, most honest and loyal human being out there. Scorpio’s become over-expressive when they are into you. And if they really love you, they will defend you despite all the odds. However, if their trust is broken or you disrespect them, that would be all the reasons they would need to call the relationship off. And honestly, they can be very cold-hearted about it.

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3. Virgo 

Virgo is also a loyal zodiac sign because of two reasons. Firstly, a Virgo is usually way too busy to really put a second effort to find someone and secondly, the thought of getting caught cheating is very horrific to imagine for them. So these individuals don’t give themselves the reason to feel embraced. Also, when in love, Virgos tend to get way too attached to their mate. So attached that they would do all the drama when someone tries to leave them. Honestly, it’s scary, but as the most loyal zodiac sign, we don’t think Virgos should be bothered about not finding a better partner, just in case their current partner leaves them. 

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4. Taurus 

Taurus doesn’t have a practical but a divine reason to be loyal. Actually, this zodiac sign fears God like no other. Taurus want their Karma to be positive whatsoever, and they know that cheating in a relationship won’t help them accomplish that. So, they invariably try to be loyal in love. This is also the reason why a Taurus is very particular about love. Taurus only seeks long term relationships. They never approach a person for a fling, so if a Taurus approaches you someday, know that they have something in their heart for you. However, Taurus do tend to be very jealous, so their partner, every now and then, might have to assure them that they are not cheating. 

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5. Capricorn 

A Capricorn is someone who would take drastic measures to stay loyal, and thus even the thought of being un-loyal never crosses their mind. Capricorns take commitments very seriously and hence are considered one of the most loyal zodiac signs out there. In case they are not happy in a relationship, they would tell it to you on your face instead of backstabbing or cheating on you. However, when in a relationship, most of the time, a Capricorn has already planned their future with you as they are also a fantasiser. So being unfaithful and having to break up with the one they planned so much with is not something they would want.

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6. Leo 

For Leo to stay faithful, all they need is the attention they think they deserve in a relationship. Leo’s loyalness and trust are such that they will defend you despite all odds until they personally haven’t caught you cheating. What we mean is that Leos, most of the time, are very confident about their choices in life, and thus rarely question them. And yet, if someone has the audacity to cheat and leave them, a Leo won’t mind showing them the door, which certainly will never ever open for them. 

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7. Gemini 

Honestly, a Gemini would rarely cheat, but if they do, their partner would have a tough time uncovering the mystery. Gemini is a twin sign, so they can be so much in love with you in the morning and so bored of you later that night. But thankfully, Gemini understands such urges and also have control over them. Their constant change of mind doesn’t change the fact that they are in a relationship with a long term perspective and hence are completely devoted and dedicated. Can there BE any other loyal zodiac sign like Gemini?

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8. Pisces 

Pisces also make it to the list of most loyal zodiac signs, especially for their controversial act of giving someone, who has cheated on them, one chance over another. Why would a Pisces do so, you wonder? Well, there is a catch. As per astrologer, Pisces natives have their own definition of cheating. A Pisces doesn’t see emotional fooling-around as big as a crime as being physically unfaithful is. In fact, they themselves follow the same concept and thus might not make lovers with a Taurus or Cancer for whom emotional attachment matters the most. Also, once Pisces feel they have outgrown a relationship, they like to move on. But they would be very open about it. 

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