Number 1 In Numerology: Everything You Need To Know About It

number 1 in numerology

Numerology is the universal language of numbers. It might look a little complicated but has a strong influence on your life. The science of numbers is pretty similar to Astrology. However, it has its own significance and importance in a person’s life. There are nine numbers in numerology, and each deals at a different frequency and aspect of your life. Number 1 in numerology is the very first number in the science of numbers.

If you are with birth dates number 1, 10, 19, and 28 of any month, you rule number 1 of the numerology board. What other insight and information it holds let us check out in detail.

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Planet and personality

Number one in numerology rules by the planet Sun. Sun is known as the head of the astrological and numerological system. It marks the beginning of all the numbers in numerology. Moreover, number 1 and the planet Sun marks the beginning and basis of all life forms.

Sun gives you the energy and potential to eliminate the obstacles and health issues in your life. If you are a Sun personality, self-confidence shall be your second name. You would be of free will and love independence. Also, you would be an immensely positive and creative person and shall work on the principles of firm individuality and obstinate determination.

Accompanied by majestic appearance, you shall be ambitious and have a resistant personality with high self-esteem. Desire to achieve something in life will come from within. You shall also give your all in whatever you do. With authoritative ideology, you would also be genuine and honest.

Sun being the ruler of your number would make you endeavor to execute vital ideas and plans fully. Adding to the same are the qualities of the Leo zodiac sign, which in Vedic astrology gets ruled by the planet Sun.

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Vital numbers for the folks

Number 1 in numerology does well with folks with a few numbers and feels lucky with some. Some dates are auspicious for them, while some work too opposite to even consider subtle for them. Peeps with number one as their birth number resonate nicely with the dates that make a total of one. Therefore, you must execute or perform most of your works on dates 1, 10, or 28 of any month.

As for compatibility, number one in numerology best fits with numbers 2, 4, and 7. So, if you are born on a date that has a total of 2, 4, or 7, then Sun is your friend, and you would have a beautiful connection with it. The same shall also be lucky for you. With that, Sunday and Monday of the week would be fortunate ones to do any of your priority work.

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Lucky colors and gemstones

If you are with birth number 1, the colors suitable for you would be yellow, golden, bronze, and golden brown. All these shades symbolize generosity and optimism. If you wear the colors mentioned, you shall connect more strongly with the positive vibes around you.

Also, possessing the same shall make you feel cheerful and cope better with scenarios and situations around you. Not just this, all the mentioned shades will also help you achieve the best of the world with perfection.

As for lucky gemstones for number 1 in numerology, they would be Ruby, Red Garnet, and Red Spinel. Also, Red Tourmaline would be ideal for you if you have number one as your birth number. Wearing these gemstones shall assist you with strength, vitality, and good health.

Moreover, possessing these gemstones would also build determination and willpower. Not just this, it will also promote authority, optimism, success, and intelligence in your personality. Having access to any of these gemstones shall help you seek great and rightful opportunities with all the luck in your bag.

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Ideal careers for number 1 in numerology

Natives with number 1 personalities usually love to be their own boss. They are more initiators and like to be in works where they can lead. So, if you possess number 1 in numerology, you must choose the careers and ventures that involve team leading or where you are the boss.

You could build yourself up as an Inventor, Researcher, Political Leader, Army Officer, or Team Leader in a firm. Moreover, you can also go to fields like Executive works, Producer, C.E.O, etc. With that, you can also try for higher posts in your respective fields and try for positions where you get the authority of leading with decisions.

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