Mercury transit in Aries today, impact on your zodiac sign

Mercury in Aries

The movement of planets has significant effects in Vedic Astrology. The planetary movement brings happiness to few and tests the patience of others. O the same lines, a major transition is set to take place on April 8th for Mercury in the Fiery sign, Aries. 

Mercury or Budh governs communication, observation, and analytical abilities. The planet is considered the messenger of God, symbolizing intelligence, and humour in a person. Aries is governed by Mars, which also denotes intelligence but in addition to skill and courage.

Let’s have a look at what the transition has in store for all the 12 zodiac signs.


The change in the position of Mercury is highly beneficial for all the Arians in terms of their career. They will be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas to people very clearly and they would also win a lot of appreciation. 

Word of Caution – Please stay physically fit

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Taureans would reap major benefits from this transition through their intelligence and wisdom. Luck and Prosperity are on your cards.

Word of Caution – Please stay away from arguments. 

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Communication and organization skills will improve during this phase. It is a good time to change your job or think of progressing in your career and your investments. There is a significant improvement in physical energy over the last 2 years.

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Pisceans will be able to improve their creativity and skills. They will also get a lot of support from colleagues and people around in completing their work. 

Word of Caution – Please make sure to handle stress and balance work – and life.

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Leos will be specifically lucky in terms of winning in any court cases and in terms of prosperity. This set can explore opening newer firms and thinking about starting up new businesses. Ancestral businesses will specifically do well during this time.

Word of Caution – Please exercise duly and avoid eating outside. 

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Virgos can feel a lot stressed during this period with anxiety. You may be loaded with additional responsibilities. This period can be disappointing for you, but do not lose hope. The time will pass soon. 

Word of caution – Please make sure to have as much fun as possible with family.

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This transit will favour you professionally if you want to start a new job or enter into any new kind of partnership. Your source of income will increase and you will gain profits in your business. Good time for single folks to find their partners. Enjoy this blissful period Librans. 

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Scorpions, Please tread in this period carefully. Please check your immunity levels during this period and please make sure you check your belongings before you leave home. You may also be thrown into surprises related to skin issues. Please maintain a healthy diet. 

Word of Caution – Please make sure to avoid indulging in any kind of arguments at work and at home.

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Your knowledge and creativity are on good levels of expansion and you will feel a lot more confident at this time. Your planning abilities will be good. You will make it to the top in the workplace with your wit and hard work. Don’t let the extra creativity hamper your focus and performance. 

Word of Caution – Anxiety, and stress might linger for a few. Practice staying calm and meditating on a timely basis.

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Work front seems to be in the best of pink health this month where you would have some additional gains or would reap some extra feathers of appreciation in your cap. Health is a major focus for the Capri’s out there. Please make sure you don’t indulge too much in cold drinks and food. Please try and incorporate a lot of green leafy vegetables and exercise duly.

Word of Caution – Cold and Cough could bother you.

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Aquarians, grab the best opportunity that is going to land in your lap this month as there are some new opportunities waiting for you. Please make sure to be vocal about ideas with your bosses and superiors as you won’t regret the decision. Avoid taking any journeys and if it is a must please make sure to plan well ahead.

Word of Caution – Please take care of your sibling’s health.

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Chill and Relax are the keywords for you Pisceans. You might have to encounter a little boredom and you also might feel a little void in your head where you just want to sit and gaze into the open sky. You deserve all your “ME” time this month. Spend some quality time with your loved ones. 

Word of Caution – Watch out for any eye-related or dental-related issues.

Blog by – Astrologer Maadhavee

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