Tarot Readings For Each Sign For October 2021

October 2021 tarot readings

Despite the obvious struggles and challenges that we are currently facing in this pandemic era, 2021 has shaped up to be a pretty good year. It is surprising to think that the year-end is just around the corner. We have bid adieu to summer and now even September. There’s a slight chill in the air and the festive season is drawing closer. But the future is as uncertain as ever, or is it? Keep reading to know what the stars and the celestial bodies have in store for you this October 2021 as per your tarot card readings.


As per your monthly tarot reading Aries, you will come face to face with a challenging work opportunity. If you manage to look past the obstacles and work hard, you will be pleasantly surprised with the monetary benefits and accolades it brings in. Your personal life will, however, continue to remain stagnant and there will be little to no development in it. The presence of a full moon in your sign during the end of October will remind you that only you need to focus on your well-being and take care of yourself.

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Taurus the new month will be a professionally significant time for you as per your October 2021 horoscope. You will flourish in your respective field and your achievements will be noticed and appreciated by everyone. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for your personal life. September 2021 may have been especially good for your love life but October won’t be so kind. There are disagreements and arguments on the horizon that could severely strain your relationship. Mars in Scorpio will also have you questioning your partner’s loyalty.

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Mercury is retrograde in your sign till October 18th but do not be alarmed. It is not going to be all bad for you. Your personal life may take off but it is advised you take your time before committing yourself to anyone. As per your tarot card readings, your work life is about to experience a great month. You will be presented with plenty of opportunities to prove yourself, so don’t forget to take advantage of them. There is also a good chance that you might finally meet your career goals this October 2021.

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Cancer your tarot reading for the next month suggests you be flexible. There will be some big changes in your life – some will be welcome while others could be hard to accept. For starters, your hard work and determination in your professional life will finally pay off. Your cards predict a prestigious award or a promotion is on its way to you this October 2021. But your achievement in your career could tamper with your personal life. Your partner may feel threatened by your recent victory.

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The beginning of the first month may be an especially difficult time for you since Mercury is in retrograde till the 18th of October. Projects that require communication will especially falter because you are not in the right frame of mind. Take things slow and steady and don’t run out of patience. Good things take time. When it comes to matters of the heart, things will tend to work out in your favour as Venus will enter your sign at the beginning of October month as per your tarot reading.

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The transit of the New Moon in your sign will make you think rather materialistically this month. Your primary focus will be gaining monetary benefits. You will get what you desire but we advise you not to be reckless. Venus will ensure the smooth sailing of your personal life. If you are single, you might meet someone like-minded who could ignite a fire in you. Virgo natives who are in a relationship might be ready to take the next step.


Libra season is here. It’s your birthday month and you are in high spirits. We suggest you continue to expect the best for yourself this month because your tarot card readings for October 2021 bear good news. The transit of the New Moon and the presence of Mars in your horoscope will fill you with stamina and courage. You will take any challenges head-on and you will succeed in all your endeavours. The turning of planet Saturn in your sign will mean that your relationships will also flourish. But if you want to call it quits with someone, maybe this is the time you do it.


It will be a rather slow month for you, Scorpio. The combined effect of the planet Mars and the New Moon will make sure you feel lethargic and devoid of energy and will meet your goals. But that is perfectly okay. You need to take out some time to rejuvenate and your October 2021 horoscope claims that is that month. By November, you will be ready to be your naturally energetic self once again. Just like every other aspect in your life, your love life too will be slow and without any surprises.

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Get ready to be very socially active this month, Sagittarius. Your monthly tarot card readings predict that there will many parties and social get-togethers for you to enjoy this October 2021 as the New Moon is shining on your 11th house of friends. You might want change and you feel the need to widen your friend’s circle but we advise you to be beware of who you let into your circle. October is also going to be a very passionate month for you. If you are single, there will be strangers vying for your attention and if you have a partner they will be focused on making you feel very special.

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Capricorn, you might feel a little upset about your working conditions at the moment but October 2021 is a precursor to all the good things that are to happen to you. New opportunities will emerge and you will find yourself interested in quite a few. Take your time to choose the best possible option. Your romantic life is about to get quite intense this time of the year due to the transit of Venus in your sign. All your love wishes will come true. And you will have a rather fun-filled and memorable time with your partner.


The combination of the New Moon and Mercury retrograde in your sign is probably going to make you feel very unsure of where you are in life this October 2021 as per your tarot readings. Aquarius you might feel like it is time you moved onto something else that will make better use of your talents. You might even feel spiritually agitated. Do not take any rash ideas at this juncture in your life. What you need is a different perspective to appreciate life. Be vulnerable and open to love this new month. Don’t hesitate to go out on dates and explore different options. You might find something worth cherishing.  

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Money is the driving factor for you this month as per your tarot card readings. But don’t worry, you will not experience financial loss of any kind. You will forever be able to repay any debt or liability you may have incurred. Mercury retrograde till October 18th will work out in your favour as it will help you realize all the areas where you were going wrong in life. The transit of Mars to the 8th house of your sign predicts good times in your romantic life. Enjoy your partner and fall deeper in love this October.  

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