Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Bad Luck In 2022

Tips To Get Rid Of Bad Luck In 2022

You cannot alter fate. It is impossible to undo what has already happened. Neither you nor anybody else could ever get spared by nature and the foreplay it creates in our lives. Therefore, misfortune or bad luck can come knocking on your door any day or anytime. The reason for this shall be your mistakes or situations happening without warning. And to curb off the negative energies you shall face in the upcoming year, we have got you a list of easy tips to get rid of bad luck in 2022. It would not only help you get rid of the negativities but also shall bring you good luck as well.

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What is Bad Luck or Misfortune?

Bad luck manifests itself in a variety of ways. On one side, it has the potential to cause severe poverty. However, on the other hand, it could cause you ailments of all kinds. If seen in a simple manner, misfortune is a mishap that usually occurs when the celestial bodies don’t align in your favor, as per astrology.

It could come to you in any form— tragic accidents, bankruptcies, and debt, theft, terrible enmity, or maybe the demise of a close person. While we may not be able to escape each of them, we could at least lessen its impacts to a smaller amount.

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Bad Luck In 2022

In 2022, the celestial body responsible for good luck shall be Jupiter. However, planet Saturn shall bring you bad luck and adversities in your life. And to curb this off, there are a number of easy tips to get rid of bad luck in 2022 that you can go for.

The list below would help you wear off the ill vibes you possess around you. Also, within a short period of time, luck and fate shall become your BFF. In all aspects of our life, these simple tips would enhance your health, money, profession, career, work, business, marital life, romance, and education, among other things.

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Using salt

We are all aware of the power of salt. It not only adds flavor to your food but sometimes creates vocal battles in the house when not put right.  Therefore, the very first of the tips to get rid of bad luck in 2022 is the sprinkling or use of salt.

In the field of Vastu Shastra, salt use is considered extremely important. It plays a similar purpose in eliminating the negative aura from the home. It also de-spells the evil eye one has on you. And so, for 2022, as an item to curb off ill-luck from your house, you must use sea salt in all the parts of your house.

It straight away eliminates negative vibes from the house. Thus, when mopping, you can sprinkle a little bit of it in the water you are using. It shall wipe off the pessimism and misfortune in your household life. However, on the other hand, you must keep in mind that using salt on Sundays of 2022 would not be favorable for your house. So, avoid doing that.

Another way you could use salt in your house is by storing it in a dish or bowl. It shall remove all the Vastu Dosha you possess in your house or working place. In fact, storing it at multiple places in the house would be highly helpful for those looking to get rid of their bad luck in 2022.

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Throw away the cracked mirror

From the Vastu point of view, the mirror possesses the capability to reflect your physical appearance and your deeds, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. And if it is broken, it is believed that all those thoughts and actions also get broken. Therefore, when a mirror breaks it is highly inauspicious. And, getting rid of it is what most do in the year 2022.

Misfortune will be away from you if you immediately dispose of broken glass or mirrors from your house. Also, if you own a damaged mirror piece at your house, disposing of it right away will bring prosperity and happiness to your household. Good luck will approach you, and you will dwell in your life.

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Aromatic incense sticks or candles

Lighting incense sticks at residence is a popular custom. Not only amongst Hindus but people of other religions use it a lot as well. And, in 2022, the advantages of the incense or scented candle at home are numerous. And, making it to the list of easy tips to get rid of bad luck in 2022, these curb off negative vibes from the place or home you work or live in.

As mentioned above, bad luck could also be in the form of a negative mindset that shall lead to a lack of concentration and dedication to doing work. Placing incense sticks in the house shall soothe the body and mind, which would surely increase your confidence. In fact, the aspirants who have to face interviews in 2022 for a new job or position must light incense sticks before leaving the house.

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Using the horseshoe

Among the most vital restorative methods that work miraculously in getting rid of ill luck or misfortune is the use of horseshoes.

If you are religious and have a knack for spirituality, placing a horseshoe is the best you can pick from the list of tips to get rid of bad luck in 2022. According to Vastu Shastra, it expels the bad vibes from the house or the place you live in when kept correctly. Also, it gets the placer and his family good fortune and immense luck.

You must remember to keep the edge of the tip of the horseshoe facing upwards. Swinging the horseshoe upright is thought to bring lots of luck. However, if hung downwards, it presumes to bring bad luck and misfortune. As a result, it’s best to have the horseshoe fixated upside down and not the other way round.

Saturn will be responsible to get you misfortune in the New Year 2022. Natives who either have Shani Mahadasha or Sade Sati shall seek ill impacts in 2022. Thus, for a bit of good luck or to wear off the bad luck, you can wear a ring in your mid finger made of a horseshoe. It will be highly helpful and one of the best ways to be off from any adversities.

Shani Mahadasha or Shani Sade Sati has an adverse impact on almost everybody. When you are under the bad impact of Shani, you can carry a ring crafted from the iron of a horseshoe on your middle finger. It could drastically reduce the negative effects of planet Saturn.

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Burning Camphor

We are all familiar with the Camphor (Kapur), which is commonly used for Pooja at temples and at home. So, when it comes to Kapur, it is a great aid to get rid of negative energies and back luck. Not just this, it also helps you pacify the planets that are responsible for attracting ill luck. In 2022, many of you would buy a new house or make your shifts from one place to another. Keeping camphor in your house or the room made wrong wears off the Vastu Dosha of the place.

Moreover, if you are prone to accidents, chanting Hanuman Chalisa and burning camphor after it is a good way to skip the ill luck. If not, you can even light Kapur prior to going to bed. Not just this, if you wish to grab good luck in 2022, you must go for camphor again. Burning Kapur in the rose and offering it to Goddess Durga shall help you with money and immense abundance. You have to make sure that you do it for 43 days straight. Also, performing this during Navaratas 2022 will add an extra advantage to attract good luck in 2022.

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Make use of flowers

Flowers are amongst the most well-known gifts from God to humans. Thus, you can gain a lot of benefits from keeping flowers in the house or offering it to someone. If you wish to keep your relationship healthy and workable in the year 2022, you must go for keeping flowers all around you. In fact, if you want to attract good luck in terms of abundance, having flowers will be highly advantageous.

You can plant thorny plants that bear flowers in your house. For example, a rose planted on the east side of the house will get you positive vibes and wear off the negativities from your life and house.

Also, if you have some long-lost desires and wish to get them accomplished in 2022, you must go for roses again. Offering eleven roses on Tuesdays in 2022 shall get you all the good luck in the world. It will also get you rid of the negative energies that have surrounded you in not letting you be successful.

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Create excellent Karma

Saturn will act as a factor for bad luck in 2022. Thus, another from the list of easy tips to get rid of bad luck in 2022 is keeping up good karma. As planet Saturn is a Karmic planet, it will be great if you keep up with the noble work and deeds in the New Year 2022 and make the planet happy.

You must feed the poor, crows, and animals, among other things. Plus, you must assist the elders in your family in serving those hungry both at the house or outside. With it, teaching your younger ones the importance of good deeds will also help in wearing off the bad luck and impacts of Saturn from your life in 2022.

*Make sure you follow the remedies under the guidance of an astrologer

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