Karma and Reincarnation: A Philosophical Part Of Vedic Astrology

karma and reincarnation

Vedic astrology depends on the theory of karma and reincarnation. And since the outset of life, folks wreck themselves with the question of what happens post-death? With what motto are we here in this life? Well, the answer to the same is hidden deep in the philosophy of karma and reincarnation.

What you are in this life is because of many past lives you have finished. Different religions believe in various concepts of past life, reincarnation, and their connection with karma. However, the root link to all this is very intense, deep, and complex to understand.

Some say that it is an ongoing cycle of many lives, while some say this is the only life we shall live, and there is no coming back. Let us understand the exact concept behind karma and reincarnation and everything related to both of them.

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What is karma?

According to astrology, each one of us possesses a combination of vibes and energies. Not only it depicts the motive of our life but also entitles or assigns us our karmas. The planets in your Kundali carry both good and bad energies. And not just vibes but also outcomes in various aspects of life. You may understand this entire concept by a Kundali analysis from our elite astrologers and get a past life regression.

But what exactly is Karma? Just the actions we do? No, Karma is actually the force or power which is produced when you do something. According to the Law of Karma, life doesn’t punish you for what you do, rather, it punishes you by what you do.

There are three kinds of Karma. Out of which, the Sanchita Karma connects your soul with your past reincarnations. While the Prarabdha Karma fructifies to form your present life based on your past karmas.

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How to figure out the karma concept from Kundali?

Know the planet Saturn? Yes, that is it. The placement of Saturn in your Kundali basically acts as a Karmic Agent. Apart from that, Sade Sati’s concept is related to the Karma cycle you have. It marks the peak time when you confront the acute vibes of Saturn and compels yourself to introspect the areas of your karmic dues.

Apart from these, various other Yogas and planetary conjunctions shall also tell you regarding your karmic actions in the life you have lived.

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What is reincarnation?

Reincarnation is multi-faceted. For ages, there exists consoling faith in our religion that constantly eliminates the fright of death. So, basically, reincarnation occurs when your soul and a spiritual realm returns or incarnates in a new body. Also, it completes this cycle multiple times and learns new things and lessons via karma.

You may also call this cycle of souls changing bodies- Samsara. You might have had previous lives as plants, animals, spiritual beings, or anything as part of nature’s repeating rule. In simpler words, if your soul is alive, that life of yours automatically adds to your reincarnation cycle.

Furthermore, the phrase “Khali haath aaye the aur khali haath jayenge” also applies to reincarnation. So, when you die, all you have had with yourself- be it riches, lands, or any physical possession, you will not carry them with you in any of your lives. The only thing that goes with you is just your soul, that writes an entirely new book of your life.

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The connection between karma and reincarnation

Karma and reincarnation are intensely interconnected. It is according to your karma that you bear what you bear in your next life. It is more like- you reap what you sow! Karma and reincarnation together explain why few of you might not pay for your actions in this lifetime but may suffer from them in your next one.

Moreover, there is a loophole in this cycle, too, known as Mosha. When one attains Moksha, this cycle of reincarnation actually breaks, and you free yourself from your karmic debts as well as a loop or series of lives.

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