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  • Paintings for the house
  • Paintings for the bedroom
  • Paintings for commercial places
  • Best Vastu painting for success: Horse paintings
  • Best Vastu painting for peace: Buddha paintings
  • Best Vastu painting for name and fame: Garuda paintings
  • Other Vastu tips for paintings
  • Paintings to avoid as per Vastu
  • Best colors for Vastu Paintings
  • Colors to avoid for Vastu Paintings

Paintings create a strong impression on our lives. While some of these paintings give not-so-good vibes as we look at them, some effortlessly make us happy and calm us down. Vastu paintings, on the other hand, do a little more than just create impressions. They help us in multiple ways and transfer vibes and energies that shall change our lives in a number of ways. The real purpose of Vastu paintings is to get rid of Vastu Dosh, the ill persona in space, make things better in our lives, and much more.

Paintings that are Vastu-specific communicate a message of their own via texture, colours, photos, symbols, clip arts, quotes, etc. Most of us might not realise that. But, according to Vastu Shastra experts at Astrotalk, these carvings, drawings, and illustrations channel all sorts of energies to the people residing in a particular place, impacting their day-to-day life and environment of that particular location.

No matter where we are or what we are doing, if there is some illustration hanging in a place, we definitely notice and make a perspective about things that could be at that particular location. But how can we choose an appropriate painting to hang or install in our place? Also, which direction is the most suitable one, for such things, according to Vastu? Let us check.

Paintings for the house


Interestingly impacting our minds, all these sorts of Vastu paintings affect our decisions on a daily basis. As mentioned before, we can barely ignore a frame on the wall! So, Vastu paintings of simple art, symbols, or alluring images usually bring coolness to the minds of the people who notice them.

Such paintings actually inspire the person and let them dig into creating more and more as time passes. According to Vastu for home, having these different artworks around us affects our desires intensely and helps us work on our ideologies.

Symbols such as Vastu arts work miraculously great for people. So, hanging angelic symbol paintings, especially in business spaces, channel good energy to natives who belong or work there. Moreover, as per Vastu, you must have symbolic pictures in the bedroom. Our experts believe that it makes the relationship strong and helps in the healing of connections.

Moreover, installing a symbolic or art painting in the study room as per Vastu makes the children more creative. They learn better and grasp things at a better rate than people who stay away from the reach of art in their homes.

Also, from a professional point of view, such symbolic art soothes the mind. So, having a series of good and symbolic paintings (not the ones that may confuse you) actually works great in passing healing and peace-providing vibes to the individuals around.

Painting type Colors Direction Best for
Nature, mountains, waterfall Yellow, blue, green, pink, red South Living room, entrance, hall area
Couple paintings, paintings/art in pair, family, birds Orange, soft pink, light green, sky blue Southwest Bedroom
Inspiration quotes food arts, abstract art, peaceful art Peach, yellow, cream East Kitchen
Lord Ganesh, Goddess Saraswati, Nandi, inspirational quotes Vibrant and bright colors North or East Study room, Children’s room (if there is study area in the room)
Flower paintings, nature paintings, food items wall art, garden paintings Peach, cream, yellow, white, and other light shades Southwest or Northeast Dining Room

Paintings for the bedroom


There are a number of suggestions you can incorporate when it comes to Vastu paintings for the bedroom. But, the goal of hanging all these art and canvas must be one— attract loving energy. According to Vastu for the bedroom, you can involve drawings of couples or simple and non-confusing arts for the bedroom. For marital bliss, paintings in pairs are always known to bring blissfulness to couples. Be it artwork, pictorial work, or symbols, having such pieces improve relationships and let the couples understand each other without trouble.

The painting must not be dull and must have a bright persona. Therefore, dancing couples, couples holding hands, artwork showing the union of a man and a woman, etc., are some suggestions for bedroom paintings. Moreover, you can also have bamboo paintings to attract better professional growth together.

However, on the other hand, if you are planning to build a new connection with your partner or your relationship is in the beginning stage, you must remember to avoid paintings of lonely people, sad people, or both. Also, paintings of turbulent rivers, waterfalls, streams, or any flowing passage must be avoided, as it would disrupt the vitality and harmony between them.

Paintings for commercial places


Innovative artworks for office places, according to Vastu Shastra, are regarded as productive. Paintings like inspirational quotes, curious artwork, and creative sculptures make the premises joyful and work-specific. All such things actually motivate and encourage the employees for better productivity. Hence, Vastu Shastra paintings in office cabins, workstations, meeting rooms, and reception areas increase the progress rate and add qualitative value to the work.

Sculptures in Vastu Shastra usually represent constructivism. It is more like your gallery would help you make decisions you think you may not be able to. It might not look like this, but the expression sculptures trick people ponder into a great mood of futurism.

Vastu paintings at the workplace or offices are to grasp the message from the Universe which your subconscious mind would perceive. Thus, choosing an appropriate art for the professional space is to feed our psyche and behaviour with positive vibes and optimism.

Painting type Colors Direction Best for
Sculpture art, rising Sun, inspirational quotes Red, yellow, orange South Office cabins, reception
Waterfall, flowing river, scenery, Blue, white, and other vibrant but light colors North Reception, lounge, entrance, cabins
Artwork showing journey, roads, travel inspired art, creative abstract artwork White, blue, green, and other vibrant shades North or Northeast Cubicle, cabins, personal desk area, work area, conference room

Best Vastu painting for success: Horse paintings


As per Vastu Shastra, horses symbolise achievements, victory, freedom, power, perseverance, and loyalty. But above all this, it illustrates success and aims to climb up professionally and roar like an eagle. Moreover, as a Vastu painting for success, hanging a horse results in rapid growth in your endeavours and brings modification to your enthusiasm and creativity. A lot depends on the colour, texture, and number of horses. And, only the right one in the right direction shall bring you triumph and open the road to success.

Vastu tips for horse paintings

A medium to a large-sized canvas of seven horses is best to attract success and recognition in life, especially career-wise. Not only does it bring energetic vibes with itself but also marks great growth and prosperity.

  • In different directions, the seven-horse painting provides different results. If you hang the art on the East side of the wall, it attracts career growth and development. Putting horse painting on the South side brings fame and success. And, if you place it on the North side of your personal space, it attracts prosperity.
  • If you install seven horse painting on the East side of your workplace, it provides activeness in tasks and other kinds of advancements. Placing it in office space also welcomes monetary gains and profits in business.
  • Plus, you must remember to avoid possessing a Sun mark on the horse paintings, especially on the North and South walls.
  • Never install a horse painting where the face of the horse is sad or aggressive. It attracts pessimism and negative vibes in the house.
  • Along with it, you must also avoid incomplete horses and water bodies in the painting.
  • If we look at the texture and colour, always go for the white-colored horses on wood or canvas and avoid the ones on paper.
  • According to Vastu tips for home, placing horse painting in the bedroom, Pooja Ghar, or study room is highly inauspicious. Therefore, avoid that.

Best Vastu painting for peace: Buddha paintings


From Hindus to Buddhists, all follow the fact that to attract peace in life and home, Buddha paintings are the best option. Not just calmness in the house, it also brings about wealth and prosperity, according to Vastu. It is believed that the Buddha paintings in the home increase the Chi flow. Thus, attracting fortune and sheer luck. Chi possesses an energy of itself and ensures a strong inflow of optimism in the house and people residing there. In workplaces, too, Buddha paintings attract good times and opportunities abundantly. Furthermore, the Buddha paintings also act as a shield against negativities and sorrows. Also, it promotes a relaxed mindset to understand and tackle problems the best.

Vastu tips for Buddha paintings

There are several Buddha paintings. However, the most ideal one is the meditation pose of Buddha, according to Vastu Shastra. The meditation pose is known to bring peace and prosperity to the house and attracts vibrance and positivity to the members of the family. Blessing people with a calm attitude, the Buddha paintings are best to have in the home if your family constantly faces quarrels and fights.

  • Hanging a Buddha painting in the office immensely eliminates stress and makes the environment healthy and prosperous. It helps people tackle issues without burning in rage and anger.
  • However, on the other hand, you must avoid placing the Buddha paintings in ground-level places like basements. Doing so generally brings negative vibes to the place.
  • To show respect and earn maximum benefits, you must place the Buddha paintings in a high-level place.
  • Moreover, placing them in the study room, workplaces, and similar places attracts psychological well-being and eliminates all kinds of mental troubles.
  • Ahead, the Vastu Shastra for home says that one must place any Buddha painting exactly opposite the main door. Also, you must do the same on the office premises. It helps the negatively set intruders to enter your house/office.
  • If we speak of the directions, the most appropriate one for Buddha paintings is East, North, or Northeast. You can place the canvas in the Northwest direction too.

Best Vastu painting for name and fame: Garuda (phoenix) paintings


Lord Garuda is a powerful bird according to Hindu mythology. It is known as the ride for Lord Vishnu. Possessing a Garuda painting, according to Vastu Shastra for home, is considered one of the most secure things to attract a reputation. It is believed that having a Garuda or phoenix painting eliminates fears and negative blocks for an individual's mind. Moreover, it is said that wherever there is Garuda, Lord Vishnu exists there too. The majestic animal symbolises strength, farsightedness, bravery, and freedom. It lets you have the confidence to show the world how strong you are and what you can do if you decide and be firm on it. For business success and professional recognition, a Gurda painting at your home is considered auspicious.

Vastu tips for Garuda paintings

Known for the element fire, a phoenix painting in Vastu attracts endless recognition and purity. Giving it as a gift welcomes a strong bond between people and makes them people’s favourite. It is known to bring harmony to the life of the people and attract a positive environment for everybody. Having a Garuda painting in the house energises the entire surroundings.

  • Placing the Garuda or phoenix painting in the South direction welcomes recognition and name. People feel more confident and attract positivity to perform tasks with dedication and vitality.
  • Placing the Garuda painting in the living room makes the native prosperous and strong.
  • Moreover, having a Gurda painting at home shall make you skilled and witty. Your thinking abilities become better. Also, you feel more encouraged to do stuff in your life.
  • For money inflow and financial success in life, having a Garuda painting in the business place is considered auspicious.
  • Gifting a phoenix painting to newly wedded couples is also great. It brings happiness and peace to their life and makes the environment positive and peaceful.

Other Vastu tips for paintings

Other than the above-mentioned set of ideal paintings according to Vastu, we have listed a few more Vastu tips you must remember while choosing appropriate wall art for your premises.

  • In the West direction, paintings of camels and pine trees are the best. Whether you put them in your house or workplace, it enhances friendly communication and friendly well-being between people. Camels promote steadiness, a safeguarding attitude, and stability. As for the pine trees, they enhance your inner strength and longevity.
  • If we speak of the South direction, rocky mountain paintings and tall buildings artwork is highly recommendable. You can put them in the Southwest direction too. They help in providing courage to the natives, with the quality of keeping them grounded.
  • Next to the North direction, an ideal artwork would be the one with water. Streams, fountains, flowing water images, etc., are highly auspicious. It helps in promoting business and enhances career growth and money inflow.
  • On the East side of the wall, you must hang paintings of nature scenes, scenery, sunrise, birds in groups, etc. It is vital to decorate the East walls as it enhances social connections. Promoting vitality and a feeling of warmth, such paintings also welcome a positive mindset and healthy well-being.
  • For the safety of your house and home, you must display a Panchmukhi Hanuman painting on the Southwest side of the wall.
  • Hanging Goddess Lakshmi's painting or image in the East direction welcomes prosperity. But, remember, the place must not stay dark in daylight.
  • In the pooja room, you must always place the paintings facing the East direction. It welcomes positivity in the house and attracts prosperity.
  • For the kids’ room, Vastu Shastra suggests paintings of running horses, mountains, Goddess Sarawati, and sunrise. The direction must be East.
  • For departed souls of your house, the South direction is considered ideal for display. Remember, you must not display their images in the pooja room of your home. However, for people alive, place their images on the East wall of the house.
  • Displaying paintings that represent greenery or the element of air in the East direction is very good, according to Vastu Shastra. It adds to the growth of the natives, welcomes new opportunities, and connects them with new people.
  • Sailing ship paintings in the house are well known for their symbolism of attracting wealth and prosperous life. Representing the element water, the placement for them is the North direction. You can also place it in the Southeast direction. If you place a painting with more than one sailing ship, it signals more than one source of income.

Paintings to avoid as per Vastu

There are a number of factors that you must keep in mind while correcting your Vastu or planning your home or office according to Vastu. As much as appropriate paintings in the place are important, avoiding some is vital too. Let us a list of such Vastu paintings:

  • Paintings in the wrong direction: Each element represents a direction in Vastu. Therefore, the position of the Vastu paintings, accordingly, is a highly vital factor to consider. Remember not to place wrong element images, paintings, or art in the wrong direction. For example, never put mountain images on the North side of the wall as the North direction represents the water element.
  • Confusing paintings or art: Making others curious about your artwork is great. However, not having clarity in the same, well, is something you must avoid. Modern art is good for viewing and appreciation. However, you must avoid hanging them at your place until and unless it holds some meaning. Especially on the main door, you must refrain from hanging such stuff. Any image that makes you feel not-so-good, avoid displaying them on your premises.
  • Sad and dull paintings: As much as withdrawing and isolated people or folks who constantly stay into whining are something we like to avoid, Vastu does that too. So, pictures of isolated beings, sad images, pictorial work, and artwork that is dull, depressed, or discouraged are what you should definitely refrain from putting on your walls. It would directly impact your social surroundings and lead you to hopelessness and negativity.
  • Overloading the wall with paintings: Well, it is your house, not an exhibition gallery! Too much artwork, according to Vastu, is known to clearly welcome inauspiciousness. Piling your wall with too many personal frames, trophies, artwork, paintings, etc., possesses the tendency to block optimism in the house.

Best colors for Vastu Paintings

Not just do the walls and flooring shades hold importance in Vastu, but the paintings we choose must also be color specific. Some colors are considered lucky in Vastu Shastra, while others are considered inauspicious to incorporate into your living or workspace:

  • Red: Red is generally known as the blood color. In Vastu, it represents life and is considered one of the lucky colors for home Vastu. So, having a painting red in color or its similar shades like pink, light pink, blood red, maroon, etc., turns out to be a bonus point in your luck and life.
  • Blue: We color the water bodies blue. Thus, it is the next color you must consider while buying a painting for your place. Especially for the paintings in the North direction, blue and its similar shaded paintings/art are auspicious and lucky.
  • Yellow: What do you feel when you see yellow or peach shade? Cheerful and bright. Right? Well, according to Vastu shastra, these colors represent joyfulness. So, when picking up artwork for a peaceful touch, definitely go for yellow, peace, and other soft colors like these.

Colors to avoid for Vastu Paintings

We often confuse ourselves when we say vibrant colors and colors that are dark. As much as the above-mentioned shades welcome luck and prosperity in the places you install them, some colors are strictly prohibited in Vastu as they attract negative energies, evil eyes, discomfort, and other issues.

  • Black: Often, we have heard in our homes that we must avoid wearing black when going for some good work. The same logic applies in Vastu. Black shade represents darkness and evilness. Thus, having paintings with a black background or an entire painting being of the shade draws inauspiciousness and creates troubles in life.
  • Dull Colors: Light shades soothe your eyes, isn’t it? However, on the other hand, the ones dull in color make you feel uneasy and melancholy. Hence, having paintings that have lost their shades, are dull and dusty, and in color is not recommended in Vastu. You must keep in mind to avoid them and not install them anywhere in the house or workplace.

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