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Rajgarhia has been doing deep research in the field of astrology for many years. He has been working on how the facts of ancient Vedic astrology should be presented modernly and in today's perspective so that the people of this era can get immense benefits. After the formal titles of Jyotish Praveen, Jyotish Visharad, Jyotish Pragyacharya, Palmist, and Indian Vedic Vaastu Shastra, he has been doing research in various branches of Vedic astrology. He is a highly articulate writer. His hundreds of articles, writings on spirituality, and astrology are benefiting people. He is also working on various remedial works and how to further ease them so that the same can be utilized conveniently by the people. Due to working in the field of astrology for nearly 10 years, thousands of people from India and abroad have taken advantage of his knowledge and the list continues.

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