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I am a professional third generation astrologer with an experience of 18 years . I am an expert in vedic astrology,Pranic healer, bhrigu Nandi nadi ,jamakol arudam, numerology ,vaastu ,medical astrology , prashna kundli, Gemology, Fengshui vaastu. I was awarded 'JYOTISH VACHASPATHI' and 'MARUTHUVA JOTHISHA VISHARATH' . My predictions are based on scientific calculations . My remedies will work very well .I am also doing my research for a doctorate in marriage related problems on horoscopes and their solutions. I am also an expert in medical astrology ,money attracting therapies and occult science ..I can give guidance in education ,career ,financial status ,marriage , horoscope matching ,childbirth, health related issues, depts. I keep on updating my knowledge and skills in astrology. I will be a best guide who is in need. I can give astrological help and guidance with suitable home and temple remedies to get proper solutions to the client's . I give the assurance that the clients definitely get relief from their problems through my scientific remedies.

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